Guarana plant with fruits
 In today's pace of life, people need to replenish energy reserves. To this end, manufacturers of sports nutrition have begun to produce a special "energy products", which give the body strength. Almost all of these products contain guarana.


Guarana - creeping evergreen shrub of the family sapindaceae with large bun leaves. At guarana dark shoots, bordered oval serrated leaves and blossoms on short cuttings. At the height of the shoots may be up to 10 meters, and its fruit size can be compared to coffee beans, so they are sometimes quite difficult to collect.

In the wild plant is found in Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and the state of Amazonas. But in recent decades guarana successfully grown in the same states for industrial purposes.


Its Latin name «Paulínia cupána Kunth» plant is named after C. Pauli, a German researcher who discovered the plant in the 18th century. Portuguese guaraná same name comes from the word «warana», and the language of the Amazonian Indians Maue translates as "fruit like the eyes of the people." Brazilians have a reason so called plant: a cross-sectional ripe fruit guarana really resemble eyeball. There is even a legend that tells of an evil deity who killed the boy from Maue tribe of Indians. A more generous God snatched the child's eyes, he left planted in the forest, and the right - in the village where the tribe lived. Here it is from these seeds, according to ancient legend, and grew guarana.

Due to its miraculous properties guarana Indians used to prepare a tonic drink, as well as a medicament. They are separated from the pulp the seeds of the fruit, their milled and mixed with water. The result is a dough, from which the natives did little sticks and dried them in the sun. These rods with a diameter of about 2, 5 cm, if necessary triturated natives and added to water or juice. It was believed that this drink is excellent recuperate after a grueling exercise.

Gradually Guarana is gaining popularity, and in 1905 a Brazilian doctor Luiz Pereira Barreto left the rave reviews about guarana as a plant, which has an enormous benefit to all mankind.

By the way, in Brazil, the traditional question "Tea or coffee? "It reads:" Coffee, tea or guarana? ".

The fruits and seeds of guarana

Top guarana fruit covered with a dark-yellow or grayish skin with scarlet jacket. When the fruit ripens, the skin bursts, and under it offers oval seeds purplish-brown or black.

In the production of energy drinks is used guarana seeds. First, soak them for a while, it helps to get rid of the pulp of the fruit. Thereafter, the seeds are dried in the sun, slightly roasted and ground. As a result, the powder obtained from the seeds, which contains large amounts of caffeine. When added to water obtained tonic.

The chemical composition of guarana

Tonic properties of guarana owes its composition. The fruit of the plant contains 7% Resin, 0, 6% of saponin, 5, 5% amide. The presence of traces of acids adenine and guanine, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, and vitamin B1.

The guarana seeds present crystalline material called guaranin, whose properties are very similar to tininom contained in tea, and caffeine, as well as components of cocoa and cola.

The present composition Guarana caffeine, which has no corrosive properties, so absorbed gently and gradually affects the body. Guarana has a stimulating effect on the person, which is five times the effect of caffeine, and it does not irritate the stomach.

Judging by the numerous reviews of guarana, many people prefer her coffee, as it does not cause feelings of overexcitement, insomnia, heart palpitations and other unpleasant consequences that typically occur after a few cups of coffee.  The energy drink containing guarana extract

Application and properties of guarana

To date, the properties of guarana are used successfully in the production of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. On its basis, prepare energy drinks that are not only pleasing to the taste, but also perfectly quench thirst and restore the body's energy reserves.

In the opinion of guarana has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, increases efficiency and physical endurance of the organism, activates fat exchanges, which is a significant nuance during heavy use.

Dietary supplements containing guarana extract, useful in various activities requiring increased physical activity, concentration and intellectual stamina.

Guarana is useful in chronic fatigue syndrome, it increases endurance and performance, helps in the fight against obesity (accelerates fat burning and reduces appetite), contributes to a balanced and positive emotional state, it helps with vertigo and migraines, support the cardiovascular system, increases calorie consumption during exercise.

Contraindications guarana

Should not be abused products which include guar, as this may lead to an increase in the excitability of nerve and insomnia. Feedback from guarana should be cautious to use elderly people and people with severe atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, with impaired cardiac function, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

It should be consumed with caution guarana people with sleep disorders, particularly in the afternoon.