Grouse - a bird of the order Galliformes, grouse subfamily deemed upland game. Lives grouse in the woods,  Grouse - a bird of the order Galliformes
 mainly spruce, hardwood, or mixed, near the ponds and berries, Siberia, Altai, Urals, Sakhalin, Mongolia, Buryatia, South, Korea, Japan, in the central, western, northern Europe,

Grouse - the bird is small, weighs about 400 grams, its growth is about 40 cm. Learn grouse motley of camouflage plumage: gray, red, black, white stripes and spots. Females and males do not differ in coloring, but the males are distinguished thanks to a tuft on his head, a bright red band over the eyes and a black spot on its beak.

Living grouse couples to arrange their nests covered with moss or grass land.

These birds feed on berries, herbs, insects - it's in the summer, and in winter get their food in trees: eat around the branches of bushes and trees.

Grouse hunting except the people are the owl, sable, marten, fox, hawk.

What is the benefit grouse

Meat from the white and tender grouse taste, it contains a lot of fat and protein, so it is very nutritious.

Prized this game for the presence of potassium, phosphorus and sodium in meat, for a lot of vitamins from group B.

It is also noted that the population of grouse often located in the net in terms of environmental areas, so its meat often exceeds poultry on health indicators.

Calories 100 grams of meat grouse is 250 calories.

Preparation grouse

This bird has always been held in high esteem by the French. The original recipe for salad, for example, involves the use of fillets grouse. And in France, the famous cook tartlets (cakes) of puff pastry with hazel grouse.

To prepare the grouse to further cooking, it is recommended to cook the carcass in the milk - bring to a boil and immediately remove. So stored meat palatability.

For a complete cooking grouse requires 20-25 minutes - as well as chicken, preparing it quickly. Check the readiness of the bird needle - it should easily pierce the meat and just as easy to get out.

It is important to know a few rules of cooking grouse. Bake the meat of this bird at a high temperature and quickly, so as not to dry up it. Fry grouse should also be on a big fire, on a hot pan, without a lid.

The easiest recipe grouse: whole, gutted carcass rubbed with salt, black pepper, bacon nashpigovyvayut. Sauce for grouse can be made from oil, where roasted bird - in it add cream or sour cream or broth, boil. Prepare a sauce is often not necessary - processed oil is not useful in large quantities, but thus prepared dressing is very tasty, and it is difficult to give up.

A good side dish to grilled or baked grouse are considered vegetables, berries and mushrooms. Also it combines pineapple and kiwi.

In the field, you can prepare for the grouse-hunting: the prepared carcass lay cranberries, a piece  Cooking in the oven grouse
 sugar, if possible, butter, cutting fixed toothpicks or thin wooden sticks. After that carcass fat bacon, brush with vegetable oil and fry on a skewer. After the meat is ready to fry, it is removed, wrapped in burdocks for 5 minutes. It is believed that through this meat comes from a sweet taste.

Just prepare meatballs meat grouse. It is necessary to make the stuffing, soak it in milk with white bread, add salt and pepper and then knead and form cutlets. They are prepared in a skillet pretreated butter and simmer them better in the broth, no more than 15 minutes. Serve chops with rice from the grouse, watering sauce (any).

On the grouse meat can be cooked soups, its fillets ideal for salads, sandwiches and other snacks.

Harm meat grouse

Excessive use of meat grouse, as well as other protein food can not be those who have problems with the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, cardiovascular system, metabolism.

But in general, if not to take into account individual intolerance, which is not often, grouse meat - extremely useful, nutritious and tasty product.