Grayling - fish belonging to the salmon family.  Grayling - kind of fish of the salmon family
 Its main distinguishing feature is the presence of a large fin, located on the back .  The back of the folded fin in mature males reaches fat or, in some cases, even the tail fin .  Due to the dark gray color and black asymmetric specks scattered on the surface of the body, grayling, according to some researchers the water world, is one of the most beautiful species of fish found in the waters of the Holarctic .  Some subspecies grayling - Siberia, Baikal, Nizhneamurskaya, zheltopyatnisty and Amur - have a characteristic reddish spot located above the pelvic fins .  Fins from the belly covered with red-brown stripes with purple tinge .  Anal and caudal fins of adults have a red-burgundy color .  The rear part of the fin located on the back of males over the front portion, and in females, on the contrary, is a level below .  On the horizontal fin allocated spots red spots and vertical purple or turquoise .

Dimensions fish are generally small. In rare cases, and rare specimen of the Mongolian subspecies and European grayling achieve weight of 5-6 kg. There are also dwarf forms of fish, retain their small size and characteristic fry color throughout life. They live in the high mountain lakes in Siberia.

The favorite habitat of grayling are mountain river with cool, clean water, oligotrophic lake, located at an altitude of 2300 m above sea level. Such reservoirs are abundant in parts of northern and north-eastern part of the country, as well as throughout Siberia.

By eating fish uses small organisms: insect larvae, and adults of their adult aerial insects. Those sub-species that are large in size, eat other fish and small rodents.

Grayling, however, is known not only because of its bright and beautiful color, the fish is very tender, elastic and very pleasant to the taste of the meat.

Nutritional properties, composition and caloric content of grayling

Due to the low caloric content of grayling is often used in dietary nutrition. Especially his meat, despite the absence of large amounts of fat, is juicy and tender.

Caloric grayling equals 88 kcal per 100 g major contribution to this is made outside proteins, whose content is 17, 5 g, fat thus contained about 2 g Carbohydrates absent.

Also fish contains vitamin PP in an amount of 2, 905 mg, and mineral elements as sulfur, nickel, chlorine, molybdenum, chromium, fluorine.

The best recipes of the grayling

The popularity of the fish in cooking considerably strengthened by the fact that almost any dish based on it advantageous. Not least because grayling no peculiar smell of slime, which is so peculiar to other types of fish.  Calorie grayling - 88 kcal per 100 g

One of the most popular and simple recipes from a favorite grayling anglers ear. For its preparation should be separated from the carcass head, fins, spine and internal organs. These pieces of fish, usually so unattractive in other dishes, will be an excellent basis for the first course. They should pour cold water so that it barely covered the contents and bring to a boil. After 5 minutes, you need to remove thick, and the resulting broth to add a la carte pieces grayling. Once again, bring to a boil soup and simmer for not more than 8 minutes. It is important to prevent the digestion of grayling.

When the ear is ready, the pieces of fish taken out and laid on the plates, which are then poured into the ear. Pre garnished chopped herbs, the dish can be served.

In addition to preparation of the first dishes, grayling often salted, smoked, pickled, fried, baked.

Below is a very interesting recipe from Grayling to those who can appreciate the taste of salted fish on a slice of sweet black bread.

Fresh, just caught fish should be gutted, without affecting the manner of the gall bladder, and then rinse thoroughly. Carcass clean of fish scales, remove gills. The fish with the head (it can be subsequently added to the ear) must be cut into pieces a la carte, by removing the ridge. By placing sliced ​​grayling in a bowl, sprinkle with 2-3 tablespoons of salt. You can add chopped garlic, but without it the fish will turn out very tender. Stir, let it brew for fish. After half an hour you can enjoy juicy and tender meat grayling, perfectly combined with strong and not very drink.

Recipes from Grayling set. This type of fish, in most cases prepared as well as others. It is only important to follow the cooking time because the grayling is very sensitive to excessive heat treatment. It should be slightly overdo the fish fillets in the fire or in hot water, as the meat is tough and dryish.