Useful properties of grapefruit

The main benefit of grapefruit - its ability to reduce blood cholesterol because they contain antioxidant bergamottinu and naringenin. That is why the use of grapefruit is a good prevention of heart disease and circulatory disorders. The most effective in reducing cholesterol levels considered grapefruit with red pulp.

Besides, grapefruit contains vitamins C, F, D, B, pectin, organic acids, volatile glycosides stabilizes digestion, reduces pressure, helps to relieve fatigue, appetite improved, prevents sclerosis. Calorie-grapefruit all 35kkal to 100g of flesh, so this citrus is considered a dietary product.

It is also found that the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action the seeds of grapefruit and grapefruit juice increases the acidity of gastric secretions.

Grapefruit oil is also helpful. It is often used in aromatherapy, cosmetics, home medicine for stabilization of the liver, gall bladder, stimulating the immune system.

The use of grapefruit

Useful properties of grapefruit, such as removal of fatigue and prevention of heart disease occur with regular use of it.

To prevent cardiovascular disease is enough to eat fruit several times a week for breakfast. You should also include in your diet grapefruit those who lead a sedentary lifestyle primarily and who have high blood pressure.

Low calorie grapefruit, the presence of a fiber allows to use it to those who are obese or want to lose weight. Grapefruit helps weight loss even without observing a special diet and strict restrictions on food. In the course of special studies it found that daily consumption of citrus halves before each meal is already yielding results. The benefits of grapefruit is shown in the fact that it starts the metabolism, speeds up digestion and prevents fat deposited. In applying the grapefruit diet result comes gradually, in three months 'leave' 5-7 extra kilos. It is also subject to any weight loss diet grapefruit is very good in the form of juice. It is recommended to drink at night glass of grapefruit juice, this will support the nervous system that often suffers under strict diets and normalizes sleep.

Low calorie grapefruit and a small sugar content allows you to use fruit with diabetes. Here it was found some useful properties of grapefruit - it lowers blood sugar, reduces the need for insulin in diabetics.

 Grapefruit oil is used for flavoring premises in order to relax and relieve fatigue
 Grapefruit oil is used for flavoring premises in order to relax and relieve fatigue: in about 7 aromalampu dripping drops of 15 square meters. Since oil can be massaged, which means to 15g for manipulation add 5 drops of oil of grapefruit. In the same proportion use grapefruit oil for enrichment of finished cosmetic products: creams for the body, face, hands.

To stabilize the digestive system, liver, gall bladder used oil inside: one drop of its use on a daily basis with honey or jam. To eliminate the feeling of heaviness after eating enough to eat a crust of bread with 2 drops of grapefruit oil and 6 drops of lemon juice.


Active substances that confer beneficial properties of grapefruit - bergamottin and naringenin may interact with some medications, and so to avoid an overdose is not recommended to wash down medicines taken by mouth grapefruit juice.

For the greater good grapefruit fresh food you need to have - so it is better absorbed, and grapefruit oil the contrary, it is impossible to eat on an empty stomach. It is also desirable to take more than three drops of oil per day, and not to drink it in pure form - it irritating the gastric mucosa. In the case of heartburn because grapefruit oil can be washed down with yogurt, natural yogurt.

To avoid photosensitivity skin oil on it should be applied no later than 60 min before the release. When applying grapefruit oil to the surface of the body, after bathing with oil may be a natural burning and tingling of the skin on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks. These sensations are themselves three minutes and eliminate the use of oil is not required. But, despite this, the front of the outdoor use of grapefruit oil be sure to spend allergy tests to identify hypersensitivity.