Vimba - fish of the carp family
 During mating season the fish fry vimba of inconspicuous silver turns into a real beauty - back becomes black color and the middle of the belly and lower fins are bright red.

Description vimba

Sirt (or vimba) - fish of the carp family. Native fish from Central Europe. In large quantities, it lives in waters of Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden and England, but did not come across this lake and river inhabitant in France, Italy and Spain.

In Russia vimba usual in the southern and south-western regions, where he is better known under the name "Sirt". It can be found in lakes Ladoga, ilmenite, in the Gulf, and in the rivers Narva, Neva, Meta, the Volga and the Magus. Lives vimba in Ukrainian reservoirs is particularly common in the Dniester, the Bug and the Volga. In Europe, the most common vimba in the Sea of ​​Azov and the Kuban River.

A distinctive feature of Sirt is elongated nose, completely covering the mouth of the fish. Due to this difficult vimba confused with other species of fish. The body of Sirt is quite high, densely covered with large scales sitting. Mouth pull and the head has an elongated shape. The dorsal fin is high and short Sirt. Color fish varies depending on the time of year. In the spring, before the spawn, Sirt turns into a very significant fish: back covered with black shade, and the middle of the belly and lower fins are red. Males vimba during the spawning period on the head, gill covers and scales formed on the edge of the so-called "wedding attire" in the form of warts zernovidnyh small. Closer to winter, the spin of the fish becomes bluish-gray tint, the lower fins become pale yellow, and the belly - silvery white.

Vimba - fish are not too big. The average length is 50 centimeters, and the weight is less than 1, 5-3 kilograms. Catch it mainly in the summer or spring, sometimes fall. During the warmer months vimba prefers to live in the rivers, but the winter is spent on the lake. Vimba known for its lively and agile character. In the rivers, he follows the fast-flowing and perfectly kept in the shallows. Vimba is mostly gregarious. Many flocks formed usually from individuals of the same size and age. Sirt prefers to live in clean waters and areas with sandy or rocky bottom, and on the strong depths. Vimba feeds on various insects, mollusks, worms, crayfish. Sometimes, for lack of better food, it feeds on aquatic plants.

Spawning takes place at vimba rather late - in May and June. Before this, in early spring, the fish gather in large flocks and from the lakes and river mouths goes up the rivers. Caviar fish throws directly in line with the rapidly flowing water at depths with a rocky bottom. It continues to spawn about two weeks, and spawn supposedly only happens at night. The eggs of the fish, and numerous small, about the size of the egg with poppy seed. The female weighing 600 grams mosque about 30 thousand eggs.

Taste qualities Sirt rank as one of the best and most valuable among the carp species. The meat of the fish is very juicy, white. From it you can cook a lot of very tasty and delicious dishes. Vimba good in any form - fried, baked, stewed. From it you can cook delicious burgers or egg-fish dishes. But the most delicious fish considered vimba dried or smoked. The only drawback - Sirt refers to the number of perishable products, so do not put off her cooking on the back burner.

Useful properties and composition vimba

Meat vimba contains much protein, which in its nutritional value can be compared with meat protein, and even more - vimba protein does not contain harmful saturated fat consists of essential amino acids, which are essential for full functioning of the human organism. These amino acids include lysine, methionine, taurine, and tryptophan. Taurine - the most useful amino acid that the air is needed for people suffering from atherosclerosis, edema, hypertension and other problems with the cardiovascular system. Therefore Sirt is extremely useful for people with the above problems. In addition, the protein found in fish, is easily digestible and easily digestible.  Vimba smoked

Like the other inhabitants of the water depth, vimba contains some vitamins, macro- and microelements, which are dominated by fluorine. As is known, it is necessary for the body to tissue strength bone and tooth enamel, as well as the health of brain cells and the blood. Fluoride prevents the development of dental caries, rickets and osteoporosis. Many contained in vimba chromium, which promotes the absorption of carbohydrates, improves myocardial metabolism and regulates blood glucose and molybdenum helps to prevent anemia.

From vitamins vimba present only vitamin PP, or niacin. Vitamin PP is actively involved in carbohydrate and protein metabolism, and normalizes the activity of the nervous system, contributes to the work of the brain, reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.


Due to the relatively high calorie vimba it is not recommended to use for people who are overweight. Also, do not abuse the meat vimba liver and pancreas.