Endive - leaf vegetables, like an ordinary salad, endive leaves in a narrow and curly. The plant belongs to the family Asteraceae, family endive salad is endive Belgian endive, tsikornogo lettuce, radicchio, Batavian.  Lettuce Endive

Endive salad was known in ancient times. His homeland is India, where the endive was in Egypt, and then spread throughout the Mediterranean. In the wild endive is not found. The technology of growing culture endive is quite complicated, so the interest in it is moderate, and vegetables has not been sufficiently disseminated.

Cultivated two varieties of lettuce - broad-leaved and curly endive. Choosing endive leaves for cooking, you need to ensure that they are bright, crisp, smooth, without dark spots. If the edges in brown lettuce and leaves themselves hard or discolored, such endive purchase is not recommended.

Keep endive salad should be in the dark, as the light it becomes bitter. Also, be aware that the salad has the ability to absorb odors, so it should be stored separately from the odorous substances.

In the food use the leaves of the plant, they are added to various salads and sauces, stewed, used as a garnish, boiled. Outside, a dense lettuce are good for steaming, they can be baked meat or fish, using as pockets. You can add the endive soup, it gives the green broth. The soup is usually cut into thin narrow strips.

In particular endive leaves a bitter taste. Typically, in the center of the leaves more tender and less bitter. To get rid of bitter leaves prior to use pre-soaked in cold salt water for about 20 minutes.

Useful properties of endive

Despite the fact that the taste of endive salad more specific, he has a lot of useful features. Its leaves contain a lot of vitamins A, C, B group (especially folic acid), trace elements, phosphorus, iron, potassium and chlorine. Eating Endive has a positive effect on the health of the nervous system, gives energy and strength, it helps to cope with the effects of stress and fatigue.

Useful properties endive help fight hypertension, anemia, liver disease and biliary tract. According to some reports, this plant can help in the fight against cancer, in particular, it helps prevent cancer of the colon, mouth, bladder, lung and skin.  Salad with grapes and endive

Endive juice cures acne, oral diseases. For a more pleasant taste the juice mixed with others - carrot, celery and parsley.

Endive juice strengthens the eye muscles and helps fight some visually impaired. Low calorie salad endive - only 17 kcal per 100 grams - enables him to recommend for use in food for people who are overweight.

Dietary fiber in endive leaves contain up to 8% of their daily requirement. The inclusion of this plant in the diet helps to fight atonic constipation, as dietary fiber accelerates peristalsis.

The endives, chicory as in, contains a lot of inulin. Inulin - a polysaccharide based on fructose, it helps to lower blood sugar and cholesterol, it would be useful for people with diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Harm endive

Contraindications to eat endive not. Very rarely idiosyncrasy of this vegetable, in this case, there can not be endive. Intolerance of lettuce can be shown eating disorders or allergic rash.