Dry cream

Dry cream - a product which is a fine powder, which is produced by drying the organic dairy cream to spray drying installation.  Dry instant cream

Depending on their physico-chemical, microbiological and organoleptic characteristics distinguish creamer first and second grades. Dry cream of first grade produced from whole cow's milk, the second - is made from vegetable fats.

The composition of dried cream

Most often, in the creamer vegetable origin include coconut, palm and palm kernel oil. This product is made from vegetable oils containing, diluted with water and dehydrated using a special manufacturing equipment oil. Also in the mixture of milk protein is added, giving the product flavor, color and taste of natural cream (sodium caseinate), stabilizers, pH adjusters, flavors, emulsifiers and coloring agents. From the point of view of medicine composition of dried cream plant is unsafe for health: transizomernye acid poorly absorbed by the body and are carcinogens - substances that provoke the development of cancer. Unfortunately, they are part of the vast majority of cakes and confectionery manufacturing.

The advantages of dry cream include low cost of manufacture, a long shelf life, and the lack of fat and cholesterol, which distinguishes creamer plant from natural. Due to its chemical composition, the product is perfectly mixed with other products, soluble in all liquids and does not clot in the preparation.

The nutritional value of dried cream

Natural dry cream cream differ from plant more valuable food composition. It contains choline (23, 6 mg), vitamin PP (4, 154 mg), vitamin E (0, 09 mg), vitamin H (3, 2 mg), vitamin C (3 mg), vitamin D (0, 05 mg), vitamin B1 (0, 3 mg), vitamin B2 (0, 9 mg), vitamin B5 (0, 4 mg), vitamin B6 (0, 05 mg), vitamin B9 (5 g), vitamin B12 ( 0, 4 g), vitamin A (0, 05 mg), and minerals - tin (13 mg), strontium (17 g), cobalt (0, 8 g), aluminum (50 g), fluorine (20 mcg ), selenium (2 .mu.g), chromium (2 g), copper (12 kg), manganese (0, 006 mg), zinc (0, 4 mg), iodine (9 g), sulfur (29 mg), phosphorus ( 543 mg), chloro (110 mg), magnesium (80 mg), sodium (201 mg), calcium (700 mg), magnesium (80 mg).

Calories 100 grams of dried cream is 267, 3 kcal. Of them:

  • Proteins - 76 kcal;
  • Zhirov- 378 kcal;
  • Carbohydrates - 121 kcal.

High-calorie cream powder makes the product unsafe for people suffering from overweight.  Caloric creamer - 267 3 kcal per 100 g

The use of dried cream

Cream powder is widely used in cooking, in the production of bread, pastries and a variety of beverages - such as coffee.

On the basis of dried cream, you can easily cook a cream for home baking. To do this, mix together 4 tablespoons of dried cream (can be with chocolate flavor), with two glasses of water, one egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of flour. The resulting mass whisk or electric mixer, cool and use as a filling for making pies and biscuits.

Harm dried cream

The main negative impact of the product on the body have a part of dried cream preservatives and food additives, which are, in fact, a chemical toxic to our body. Allergist is not recommended to use dry cream for people who have a predisposition to allergic reactions to food dyes and preservatives.