Shellfish cuttlefish  Cuttlefish - cephalopod mollusc squad
 belongs to the order of cephalopods, he lives in the Atlantic Ocean, subtropical and tropical seas.

Useful properties of cuttlefish

Cuttlefish meat is considered a delicacy. By its nutritional value is vastly superior pork and beef.

The cuttlefish meat was found vitamins A, B6, B12, D, E, iodine, phosphorus, iron, selenium, zinc, potassium, omega-3 and omega-6.

Regular consumption of meat cuttlefish promotes the excretion of cholesterol, improve metabolism.

Fat cuttlefish has an antibacterial effect.

Calories 100 grams of meat cuttlefish - 79 calories. Protein 100 gr. Meat contains 16, at carbohydrates - 0, 82, at Fat - 0, 7 g

Cooking Cuttlefish

The correct approach to the preparation of cuttlefish lot. In Russia there are practically no opportunities to buy fresh mollusk, so you need to learn how to handle it gently frozen or chilled meat. Defrost cuttlefish recommended in cold water. If shellfish are not cleaned, after defrosting it clean as well as fresh: throw a bone, internal organs, eyes and mouth. Silver bag with ink, if it survived, carefully removed because its content can be used for making risotto or spaghetti with cuttlefish. Once the cuttlefish is butchered her body and tentacles are washed in running water.

For the preparation of cuttlefish snacks or salads better to use meat of small clams - it is more gentle. And in order to prepare the main dish, such as soup or mentioned already spaghetti with cuttlefish, clam suit weighing 300-500 grams. Cuttlefish weighing more than 600 grams is better not to buy meat at it hard.

During cooking, cuttlefish can be pre-cook (half an hour in boiling water), and you can immediately fry, to add to the rice after or spaghetti.

Cuttlefish ink added to the dish before it is cooked: carefully ripped the bag and its contents were poured into a pot or pan. Through this culinary secrets dish gets the smell of sea and unusual black. Of course, used to give zest to the dish is best with fresh cuttlefish ink. If this is not possible, there is a solution - you can buy the ink separately, they are sold  Cuttlefish Ink
 as intermediate for preparing sauces.

Cuttlefish ink are of interest for homeopathic medicine. Medicine called liquid-based mollusc Sepia. Assign sepia with venous stasis in the uterus, uterine prolapse, or displacement, belyah accompanied by itching, hemorrhoids, constipation, gonorrhea, rectal prolapse, dyspepsia, migraine, bronchitis, eczema. Determines the correct dosage the doctor homeopath.

Ink is also part of the homeopathic remedy Klimakt Hel from the famous German manufacturer of Hel (Heel), which is prescribed for the deterioration of the ovaries, violations of the nervous system, vegetative-vascular dystonia, migraine, sleep disorders associated with menopause, hot flashes.


Cuttlefish is contraindicated for people with allergies to seafood.