Curry - a mixture of spicy seasonings. It  Curry - mixture of spicy seasonings
 widely distributed throughout the world, but it is home to India. There curry prepared immediately before use, making this food supplement is more spicy and sweet flavor. Taste of Curry not spicy, a little peculiar, so it may not please everyone.

Useful properties of curry

The main component of curry is turmeric - a herbaceous plant of the ginger family, which is used pounded roots and stems, contain essential oils. The content of turmeric in curry is not less than 30%. She has a nice spicy smell, slightly bitter, slightly astringent taste and a persistent yellow color that does not fade in the sun.

Known for anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties of turmeric, it improves liver function. Especially useful is the addition of turmeric to meals rich in protein - by stimulating digestive glands it improves the digestion of proteins.

Studies of the properties of curcumin - a substance derived from turmeric, proved its ability to prevent cancer and fight with Alzheimer's disease.

Besides turmeric curry includes various other plants, which can be set vary by manufacturer curry.

Cumin curry thanks to a set of essential oils gives a pleasant and delicate aroma seasoning. It has anti-inflammatory, carminative, laktogonnymi, inflammatory properties, facilitates the work of the kidneys and digestive system, improves metabolism, skin condition. Thanks to the useful properties of cumin curry positive effect on the course of gastritis, gallstones and kidney stones.

Mustard seed promotes the absorption of fatty foods as enhances the formation of gastric juices, improves appetite, stimulates peristalsis a tendency to constipation. The latter property mustard seed is used to regulate the intestines, including the seed of the gastric tea. Black mustard helps with arthritis and gout.

Kumin appearance is very similar to thyme, but it has a completely different taste. It clears the body of toxins and normalizes the function of the digestive tract, improves vision and the brain. When stored for over a year it becomes bitter cumin and loses all of its beneficial properties, so it includes the recipe curry only the direct preparation of seasoning.

Essential oil of coriander fruits in season give the dish a gentle and pleasant cooling odor and taste. Coriander has proved positive in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease - it eliminates pain and has an antiseptic effect. These properties allow to include coriander in the stomach and choleretic fees.

Ginger added curry both fresh and dry in powder form. It gives food a spicy flavor and has a beneficial effect on digestion and blood circulation. So, ginger reduces flatulence, prevents constipation, improves appetite.

At the expense of  A variation of curries
 Fennel has a sweet taste of curry. It is added to the seasoning quite a bit, since the overdose, he becomes dominant in the entire dish. Fennel increases lactation, and sweating, has carminative properties.

Black pepper gives the food a sharp burning taste. It is added in the form of peas or minced. This is a widely used additive improves the digestion and appetizing. Sometimes include curry and other types of pepper - Indian pippali, cayenne, chili serrano.

Shambhala beans gives food bitter, pungent, sweet taste, tones and refreshes. Shambhala contains a lot of folic acid and vitamin E, it improves the blood, strengthens hair and reduces weight. Hing gives curry sharpness.

Salt is added to the seasoning to save the rest of its components. When cooking should be considered that already contains a salt of curry and add it already in the dish accordingly. Traditional Indian cuisine is distinguished by the fact that the food added more salt than is generally recommended to use.

Eating curry

The main purpose of seasoning - improves the taste of food. Useful properties of curry can improve digestion of food by stimulating digestive glands.

The exact ratio of ingredients in the preparation of curry there and in India in the preparation of seasonings proportion observed approximately. But despite this curry flavor can not be confused with some other.

Curry for adding it to the meat, fish, vegetable dishes and rice. Curry gives dishes an interesting golden hue. This perfectly complements the taste of spice pilaf, vegetable stew, chicken salad, pasta, meatballs, minced meat.

Caution is required in the application of the curry if you are hypersensitive seasonings.