Cancer - invertebrate crustaceans from the class. The body consists of a cephalothorax cancer and a flat abdomen. Cephalothorax divided  Cancer - invertebrate
 into two parts - the head (front) and posterior (chest), which are fused together. The head portion has a sharp spike. On the sides of the stud are placed protruding eyes and the front - four thin mustache, two short and two long. Claws cancer uses to attack and defense.

Flat jointed crayfish abdomen consists of seven segments. From the belly of Brigandine freshwater depart five pairs of legs, each of which consists of two branches. Cancer uses the limbs to swim, and the largest, the first pair of legs, forming claws. Claws cancer uses to attack and defense. Lost cancer claws, antennae, legs can grow again. Caudal he formed the sixth and seventh pairs of abdominal legs. Males are much larger than females cancers.

Cancer can change its color, depending on the habitat and water properties. Usually, their color is brownish-green, blue-brown or greenish-brown.

Freshwater crayfish are found in ponds. They are found in lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, fresh water (to a depth of five meters, c troughs twelve meters). Happy crabs hide in shelters at the bottom - in burrows, under all sorts of roots, stones. They dig holes 30-35 centimeters in length. Shelters protect from cancers other freshwater. In winter crabs live at a depth in sandy or clay soils, and in the summer are moving in shallow water.

Meat cancers white, with a few pink streaks. Especially juicy and delicious crayfish in May, June, and August. In July they begin molting - a process accompanied by fresh painful for these phenomena. Cancers during molting become anemic and tasteless.

The three most common type of cancer - thick-, clawed and shirokopaly. Clawed cancer occurs most often other species, since it is less demanding environmental conditions.

Food value and caloric content of cancers

One hundred grams of crayfish meat contained 83 grams of water, 16 g protein, 1 g fat, 0, 2 g saturated fatty acid, 1, 34 g ash, 135 mg cholesterol and 16 mg of vitamin A, 0, 07 mg vitamin B1 0, 032 mg of vitamin B2, 2 mg of vitamin PP, 0, 5 mg vitamin B5, 0, 108 mg of vitamin B6, 37 mcg of folic acid, 2 mg vitamin B12, 1 mg of vitamin C, 3 mg of vitamin E, 5 mg vitamin D, 0, 1 mcg of vitamin K and 81 mg choline.

Its meat contains 302 mg potassium, 27 mg calcium, 27 mg magnesium, 58 mg sodium, 256 mg of phosphorus, 0, 84 mg of iron, 226 mg manganese, 419 mg copper, 1, 3 and 31 mg of zinc, 6 mcg of selenium.

Caloric cancers - 80 kcal per 100 g of meat.

Useful properties of cancers

Useful properties of crayfish due to their content of easily digestible large amounts of protein and beneficial for the body components. The greatest quantity of the nutrient found in meat invertebrate abdomen. A small amount of usable pulp is also in its claws.

Calorie cancers is low, so their meat is considered to be a high-quality dietary product.

It is useful to use the weakness of vascular cancers and heart failure, in diseases of the pancreas and kidney, radiation sickness, and after radiation therapy. Their flesh helps cleanse the liver and biliary putey.Regulyarnoe eating meat crayfish stimulates the digestive system, strengthens the immune system, improves mood and eliminates the effects of stress.

Chitin cover  Cooking crayfish
 invertebrate contains biologically active substances possessing excellent antiseptic and healing properties. These substances are able to trigger the regeneration of tissues in the human body. Even in ancient times, doctors used the shell and dried and prepared from a powder. These powders are sprinkled wounds of varying depth, after which they are quickly healed. Alcohol tincture on the basis of this powder helps to saturate the body with calcium, and significantly accelerates regeneration of tissues after surgery to remove malignant tumors. Moreover, cancer is able to dissolve the solidified tumor if it is applied to it.

In the pulp of cancers found in a hundred times more organic iodine than in beef. That is why the regular use of these invertebrates pulp reduces the risk of thyroid disease.

In times of Avicenna these animals were used for the treatment of diseases of the spleen. The mixed powder was mixed with dried cancer one sixth of the balsam oil or opium and used as grinding.

Ways to use crayfish

Rakov should be boiled in salted water, adding to it fresh or dried herbs and spices. After cooking his meat is sealed and easily behind the shell. The duration of cooking ranges from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of invertebrate. Ready crayfish change color and become red, as the connection is destroyed when heated carotenoid protein shell. Liver these invertebrates can also be eaten.

In different countries the palatability of these animals depend on the method of preparation. In France, in the water with ready-made add crawfish glass of red wine, and in Sweden the water add sugar instead of salt.

Because cancers often cooked soup, as well as use them as a basis for preparation of various snacks, salads.

Storage conditions crayfish

Live crabs should be stored in the refrigerator for three days. Cooked crawfish should be stored in the water in which they are boiled, not more than three days.

Frozen crayfish store no more than a month.

Crayfish - harm and contraindications

Harm cancers can cause human health in the event that there is an allergy to fish products. Also, the meat of these invertebrates is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive.

In order not to cause harm, cancers should not be stored in a metal container. Due to the large amount of sulfur may blacken his meat and quickly deteriorate. For storage cancers should only be used glassware.