Cranberry Sauce

Cranberries - a very  Cranberry sauce - the sauce from cranberries
 valuable and useful product. In our country, cranberry revered since ancient times. The diet of our ancestors be present cranberry sauce, cranberry juice, cranberry juice, and cranberry itself. Yes and no overseas merchant did not leave the country without tasting the berry. And the residents of ancient Rome was called cranberry little ball to saturate the body with vital energy. Although this berry is extremely sour taste, but appreciate it all over the world for its unique natural properties.

Currently, cranberry plantations are in the US, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and in some Scandinavian countries. Industrial collection of fruits begins in early autumn. However, after peremerzaniya cranberries becomes very sweet.

Ingredients cranberries

Berries contain a large amount of phytonutrients, vitamins and other useful components. Vitamin C in fruits cranberries contain as much as in the garden strawberries, grapefruit, oranges and lemons. Also, these berries contain vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, vitamin PP, K1 and vitamin E. Cranberries contains malic, citric, benzoic, chlorogenic, Quinic, oxalic and succinic acids. There is a lot of fructose and glucose much less sucrose. A lot of it and useful for the human body pectin. The berries contain a variety of bioflavonoids - flavonols, anthocyanins, phenolic acids, catechins, betaine. There cranberries important organism for the macro- and trace elements: calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, iodine. It contained therein and little cobalt, boron, lead, nickel, zinc and aluminum.

With such a rich composition of mineral components calorie cranberry is only about 28 calories.

Useful properties of cranberries

Cranberry is an excellent natural antibiotic. The composition of this fruit is rich in substances that protect the cells of the body from the negative effects of free radicals. Due to the high content of ascorbic acid and potassium salts, cranberries are very helpful during colds and infectious diseases to increase the immunity. It is also shown that this berry is capable of several times to increase the therapeutic effect of the antibiotics in urological, gynecological diseases and pyelonephritis.

The scientists say that daily consumption of a glass of cranberry reduces the risk of acute cystitis twice. Such therapeutic effect due to the content of berries therein benzoic acid and proanthocyanidins. Substances cranberry juice, changing the composition of urine, prevent the development of disease-causing bacteria.

Beauticians and dermatologists actively using the beneficial properties of these berries in many drugs for the treatment of hair, skin and nails.

The fruits have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of cranberry improves elasticity and strength of blood vessels. In addition, it activates the secretion of gastric juice, food and absorbed helping improving appetite.

The most useful is fresh cranberries, but after the heat treatment, these berries can be used in colitis, gastritis and pancreatitis.

Cranberry prepare jam, jelly, marmalade and jam. Also, the berry is used to make juices, fruit drinks, liqueurs, kvass and cranberry sauce.

Preparation of cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce - sweet and sour sauce with cranberries used in traditional English and American cuisine. The residents  Cranberry sauce for meat
   American cranberry sauce associated with Thanksgiving. In this country, it is served with a traditional sauce indeykoy.V England cranberry fruit is fed to poultry, or meat for Christmas.

Cranberry sauce gives dishes of poultry, fish and meat special, festive taste. Especially well this sweet and sour sauce is combined with fatty mutton or pork. Another well-fed a sauce for venison galantine, meat pates. It turns out very harmonious and rich taste of food.

Cranberry sauce can be used in the preparation of cakes, pies, and spread on a bun, a piece of loaf bread or simply add hot water or tea.

Cranberry sauce is usually cooked no more than half an hour. There are many recipes for cranberry sauce. The classic recipe: half a liter of water was dissolved five hundred grams of sugar, bring to a boil and boil for five minutes. Then add the cranberries and again heated to until skin on the berries begin to burst. Then Sousse Niemann from the heat and rubbed through a colander. Cranberry sauce can be fed and warm, and cold. To the sauce has become thick, it should boil down for a long time. Sauce of this recipe can be stored in refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Cranberry sauce can not only apply to the meat, but also add to the potatoes, pasta and vegetables. If desired, you can add various spices - grated ginger, cloves.