Chinook - freshwater fish from the salmon family, is able to dwell in the salt water of the Pacific Ocean and in the waters of the rivers (Anadyr, Cupid, Sacramento River in British Columbia and Washington). The river fish goes to the spawning season.  Chinook - freshwater fish of the salmon family
 If we imagine the life cycle of chinook, it turns out that the first two years of the young fish live in fresh water, and then goes into the sea or ocean, and five years later she returns to the river.

In terms of ichthyology chinook - the largest among their relatives fish. Reported facts catch individuals up to 60 kilograms. The body length of chinook on average reaches 95 centimeters. But if we turn to the practice of fishing with us in Kamchatka, for example, you can find out what the catch of chinook salmon weighing 20-30 kilograms - it is a great success. Standard among Russian fishermen considered particularly weighing 6-12 kilograms.

Learn king salmon can be the dark band that separates its large head from the torso. Usually chinook greenish color, with silvery sides and belly, but when it spawns, it changes color - dark head and torso becomes brownish-red. Also, the fish distinguish small spots on his back and tail fin from, and black lower gums.

Meat tastes like chinook salmon meat, only it is more saturated crimson-red color and is more valuable.

The fish were sold in Russia frozen, chilled, smoked, canned and salted. It can fry, boil, cook from her snacks, salads.

No less valuable than the meat is red caviar chinook. Gourmets will appreciate it for high resolution eggs - they can reach 6 mm in diameter. It tastes slightly bitter chinook salmon caviar.

Useful properties chinook

Interestingly, the ratio of useful substances in meat chinook constantly changes - depending on the age, condition, habitat, sex.

Nevertheless, it is possible to tell exactly which chinook rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, K, and such micro-macro copper, zinc, selenium, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium.

The Chinook is particularly useful for people - it contains docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids that support brain activity, a beneficial effect on the condition and functionality of the cardiovascular system. Because of these two substances is a strong fish chinook prophylactic, warning stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis, arrhythmias, dementia, depression.

Calories 100 grams of meat chinook reaches 148 calories.

Caviar chinook useful in that strengthens bone and reduces the risk of thrombosis, stimulates blood circulation, improves vision. Calorie calves averaging 250 calories.


A major contraindication can only be called an allergy to eggs or meat chinook. Precautions should eat fish to those who suffer from diseases of the pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, chronic colitis and enteritis - enough fat meat.

Chinook - record size including salmon, any fisherman happy if he was able to catch a big fish, but ordinary consumers should know that the older the chinook, the more it accumulates harmful to human substances. In particular, mercury was found in the meat of adult chinook. Given this fact, it is recommended with caution pregnant women to eat fish.

It is also known  Chinook salmon caviar should not be abused
 that more useful wild king salmon, but not one that is grown on special farms. But here we have to put up with, as the fish is under state protection - it is listed as endangered. To reduce the risk, the choice of chinook better pay attention to the small size of the fish.

Caviar chinook may cause harm to the abuse of it. So, on the day it is desirable to have no more than 5 teaspoons caviar. In addition, it is important to remember that at risk are the same categories of people listed above, then there are those who suffer gastrointestinal diseases, pancreas. Classic sandwich of white fresh bread, butter and red caviar is able to deliver a crushing blow to the sick pancreas or stomach.

The sodium contained in salt red caviar, water retention, and hence the constant use of eggs in large quantities can lead to metabolic disorders.

Abuse caviar chinook harmfully also because it has a salty, most Russians do not have the possibility of - it is a perishable product. All that is available to consumers who live far away from the catch chinook - a canned caviar, and, therefore, harmful additives.