Chile pepper

Chili is one of the most popular and most popular spices in the world. It gives dishes  Chili peppers
 unusual piquancy and delicate flavor. Every year from Africa, Japan, Mexico and India to other countries exported considerable amount. Chili is used for preparation of various sauces, curry, Salie. The extract from it is the main therapeutic component of many pain relievers and warming ointments. Cosmetic companies use this extract for the manufacture of anti-cellulite treatments and medications.

The composition and the use of chili peppers

The main biologically active component of chili peppers is a substance called capsaicin. In addition it includes a part pepper beta-carotene, vitamins A and C.

Capsaicin has a beneficial effect on the sensory nerve fibers. Therefore, the use of chili peppers to treat pain that occurs on a background of diabetic neuropathy, psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis, deforming osteoarthritis is not in doubt. For this purpose, capsicum plasters and tinctures.

Capsaicin improves digestive function of the stomach due to the stimulation of parietal cells of hydrochloric acid. In addition, it has a mild laxative effect. Previously, it was believed that spicy food is one of the risk factors of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. It is now established that this view is mistaken. Chili is widely used in the food people in India, Brazil, Thailand. However, the incidence of peptic ulcer disease among the population of these countries does not exceed the incidence in all other countries.

The research results have shown that eating chili peppers helps reduce high blood pressure and strengthen blood vessel walls, increasing their elasticity. In addition, the chili has anti-cancer properties that protect the person from the occurrence of cancer.

Benefits chili obvious and colds since it has antibacterial and antiviral properties, eliminates nasal congestion.

Harm chili

Like everything that surrounds us, chili is not only positive, but also negative characteristics.

It should be completely excluded from the diet of people suffering from gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Harm chilli lies in its ability to lead to the development of acid reflux. Therefore, if after eating spicy food you experience severe heartburn, something of pepper have also waive or reduce its use to a minimum.

Scientists from the Mexican National Institute of Public Health and Yale Medical University found that eating chili at a dose of more than one pod significantly increases the risk of stomach cancer. At first sight, the results seem strange, because for a long time proved that capsaicin has the ability to destroy cancer cells. But in fact, there is no inconsistency. The thing dose. Harm chili significant increases in its use. A small amount when it shows its positive characteristics, including anticancer provides protection of the human body.

Chili slimming

A few years ago in the famous magazine British Journal published the results of a study proved that capsaicin good appetite suppressant. It begins to show its effect while eating and lasts a few hours after lunch. This gives the person a feeling of early satiety and amount of food eaten, and accordingly the number of calories is reduced.

English nutritionists developed a unique diet, making it easy for a few days to get rid of 4 - 5 kg of excess weight. It is based on the use of chili peppers and is perfect for lovers of Mexican cuisine, or simply lovers of spicy food.

It is proved that  Ground chili pepper
 Capsaicin dramatically improves circulation and promotes enhanced heat generation due to what is happening and burning calories.

Diet includes a tomato soup with chili pepper. During its observance should give up salt, flour and sweet. But tomatoes, cucumbers and citrus fruits can be eaten without any restriction. This diet not only reduces weight, but also helps to prevent cancer, cardiovascular diseases, improves male potency.

Chili can be used for weight loss and is not adhering to a particular diet. Just add it to your food to taste, and the results did not take long to wait.