Chickpeas - recipes for tasty dishes
 Chickpeas - Eastern legumes, known around the world today. In India you would be offered dishes made from chick-pea flour. In Italy, the prescription of chickpeas prepare special cakes - Farinata. In Arab countries and chickpeas called hummus made from a like-dish, and another made from a falafel. In Turkey, he is going to prepare a national delicacy - leblebi. What calorie chickpea and anything but taste, it is useful?

Origin of chickpeas

Before chickpea spread throughout the world, it began to grow in the Middle East 7,500 years ago. During the Bronze Age the ancient Greeks and Romans boiled chickpea porridge, which was called a pulse. In ancient medicinal properties attributed to him, believing that fruit stimulates lactation, has diuretic properties and can expel kidney stones. Already in the 17th century it was known chickpeas worldwide, and in Europe they even replaced the coffee. In our country the same legume hit by the peoples of Transcaucasia and Bulgarians.

With the spread, chickpea acquired many names: chickpeas, garbanzo beans, colutea, Nahata, hummus. Today, culture is grown in India, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Myanmar, Australia, Ethiopia, Canada, Syria, and can grow in any country with a tropical or subtropical climate and low rainfall. And the chick has long ceased to be exotic and inaccessible firmly entrenched on the shelves of local supermarkets. Therefore, our hostesses always have the opportunity to try their hand at preparing traditional dishes of Oriental cuisine with chickpeas.

Chickpeas in recipes

Chickpeas beans suitable for soups, side dishes to stews or as a component of salads. Calorie chickpea making it one of the most nutrient and Vedic vegetarian cuisine. Unlike conventional peas, chickpeas have a nutty flavor, so it is suitable for sweet dishes.

One of the most famous recipes with chickpeas - hummus. This exotic dish is prepared quite simply. For it will need two cups of chickpeas, 50 grams of sesame paste, which is made from sesame seeds and oil, 3 tablespoons olive oil, lemon, a third head of garlic, 1 tsp salt. As spices handy black pepper, cumin, savory, ground ginger, chilli, coriander, paprika, add a little cumin or zataar. However, it is the taste of the hostess. And because you can use fresh herbs parsley, dill and coriander.

Before cooking, chickpeas prescription desirable to soak overnight, because the next day he had to cook for several hours. So, to prepare hummus, you have to drain the water in which soaked chickpeas, then fill it with water and cook over low heat for 2 hours, until the beans are tender, occasionally removing the foam. At the end of cooking, you need to drain the remaining water and add lemon juice, garlic, herbs, salt and spices, stir well for 1-2 minutes, soaked to the ingredients, and then shift into a blender or any solid meal if you're going to pound his hands .

Now, the recipe you want to add to the chickpeas tahini - ready or pounded on their own. Tahini for preparing chickpeas just - roasted sesame seeds in a frying pan, then smalyvayutsya in a blender with olive or sesame oil. The resulting paste is added to the recipe chickpea and mixed thoroughly. Ideally, it should turn the dish with the consistency of a cream-colored paste - hearty and incredibly tasty.

Thanks calorie chick is not only suitable for everyday meals, such as India is prepared from it sweet. Here is the recipe of chickpeas and dried fruits. For it will need: 1 tbsp brandy (if this dish for children, use the juice), 8 figs, 8 pcs. dried apricots, 1 tablespoon honey, 2-3 tablespoons dusting (cocoa powder, ground nuts, sesame seeds, powdered sugar, cinnamon) and 200 g of chickpeas.

Chickpeas prescription soaked in water overnight, and dried apricots and figs - in brandy or juice. In the morning you need to drain the water and boil the chickpeas, then mix it with dried fruit and twist in a meat grinder. When you add a mixture of honey, fragrant get plastic mass from which you want to roll small balls the size of walnuts, sprinkle them with sesame seeds, cocoa or other ingredients harvested at will, and your dessert is ready!

The beneficial properties of chickpea

Nut - one of the most nutritious foods. Calorie chickpea is 320-370 kcal. 100 grams of the beans contain 61 g carbohydrate, 6 g fat and 30 g protein. Nutritionally comparable to meat chickpeas. However, like any other source of food of vegetable origin, it quickly saturates but also the feeling of satiety quickly.

The composition of chickpea include vitamins A, B1, B2, OT, C, B6, PP. It is rich in trace elements such as selenium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, calcium, boron, iron and silicon. The composition includes amino fruits - tryptophan, lysine, methionine, as well as soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, minerals and more.

The beneficial properties of chickpea make it an indispensable component of a vegetarian diet. It has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. This property of chickpeas as a high fiber content has a positive effect on the digestion and blood sugar levels.

This beneficial properties of chickpea not end there. It soothes toothache, helps with inflammation of the gums, arrhythmias, edema, jaundice, shingles, blockage in the liver spleen. When elevated levels of cholesterol and bile, as well as swelling chickpeas stimulates the flow of urine and bile. It is recommended to be taken during menstruation, lactation and pregnancy as a natural source of iron. Furthermore, chickpeas enhances the production of hemoglobin and prevent anemia.

As chickpeas impact on the digestive system? It cleanses the intestines of toxins, prevents constipation, eliminates toxins, inhibits the action of pathogenic microflora and putrefactive bacteria. It is believed that the properties can be attributed chickpea anticancer since it reduces the risk of malignant tumors in the colon. In general, chickpeas normalizes blood pressure, cleans the blood vessels, is used for the prevention of strokes and heart attacks. Regarding caloric chickpea, in contrast to other carbohydrate products, it does no harm.

 Chickpeas - calorie and useful properties
 Yet chickpeas, as well as any other product can be useful to everyone. For example, it can cause individual intolerance. It is not recommended to take in food at an ulcer of the bladder, and the elderly, this product can be used only with extreme caution. In addition, chickpeas causes increased gas formation if its misuse. However, the discomfort can be reduced if added to dishes of chickpeas dill or fennel and not drink their water.

And finally, it is worth noting that the beneficial properties of chickpea and flavor depends largely on the quality of raw materials and, of course, compliance storage. Buying chickpeas, make sure that the grains were intact, smooth, but not dried out and damaged by mold. Chickpeas can be kept in a vacuum container in a dark place, otherwise it rancid. If all conditions chickpea fruit can be stored up to two years.