Useful properties of cherries

Cherry - a widespread fruit plant. It has long been its fruits were used not only for food but also as a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Today, the cherry is cultivated in many countries and, according to some estimates, about 200 varieties of recites.

Sweet and sour cherry fruit in its chemical composition contains a lot of useful organic acids - citric, malic, salicylic and succinic acid, sugar, pectin, folic acid, vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, PP, as well as micro- and macronutrients including zinc, potassium, copper, phosphorus, manganese, iron, iodine, chromium, molybdenum, fluoride, boron, calcium, vanadium, nickel, cobalt, rubidium, and magnesium. Calorie cherry is low - only 49 kcal per 100 g of ripe berries.

The main useful properties cherries are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. It is thanks to them that Cherry has a fairly rare fruit ability to destroy streptococci and staphylococci, as well as work on pathogens of dysentery.

Anthocyanidins contained in the fruit pulp, reduce the levels of uric acid in the body. With this in folk medicine used cherries for gout and arthritis.

Fresh fruits are able to quickly eliminate joint inflammation and stop pain.

P vitaminoaktivnye tannins with ascorbic acid and pigments, contained in fruits cherries, enhance blood capillaries and increase their tone, which helps to prevent hemorrhage. It is also useful to have a cherry to lower high blood pressure. These useful properties cherries are confirmed by many medical studies, since decreased the rate of heart attacks in those who regularly include it in your diet. Also, the fruit cherries help to quickly increase the level of hemoglobin.

Coumarin, which is part of the pulp of the berries, reduces blood clotting, so that fresh cherries are useful for the prevention of certain complications of arterial atherosclerosis.

Copper contained in the cherries, allows its use in the treatment of mental illness and epilepsy. Also, the fruits are often used in the treatment of colds as an antipyretic agent, and as an expectorant for coughs and bronchitis.

The most useful is fresh berries or juice from them. Cherry juice for its curative qualities is considered one of the leading fresh juice. Useful properties it possesses, have a tonic effect and contribute to the improvement of metabolic processes in the body.

Cherry juice is useful to drink with anemia, for both prevention and treatment, as included in the chemical composition of berries magnesium, cobalt, iron, pigments and vitamins C and B is easily absorbed by the body and do not cause side effects. It is estimated that one glass of cherry juice contains 25 times more antioxidants than juices from other vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables.

To another useful properties include the ability to cherry fruit of the tree excrete nitrogenous wastes.

Useful substances is not only the fruit, but also in the bones, fruit stems, leaves, roots and tree bark. Bones berries contain essential oils and fatty glycoside amygdalin and bark - coumarin, tannin, amygdalin.

According to some studies in the bones of cherries contains ellagic acid - a vitamin B 17, which blocks the growth of cancer cells. Today, however, scientists unequivocal opinion on the effectiveness of the use of these properties in oncology there.

Application of cherries

The most useful fruit fresh cherries. In order to increase hemoglobin and prevention of cardiovascular diseases is enough to drink a glass of fresh cherry juice a day. It is useful to drink juice during pregnancy, as being in its composition folic acid helps protect the child from the development of various pathologies. To prepare the cherry juice is best to combine several varieties of cherries. Best results are obtained by a combination of medium-sized varieties of fragrant juicy and meaty.

In dysentery, as a diuretic and styptic on long and heavy menstrual bleeding, can prepare a decoction of the fruit stems berries, for which 2 teaspoons cherry stalks boiled in a glass of water and infused for several hours. Apply the resulting broth tablespoon 4 times a day. Also, a decoction of the fruit stems berries astringent action.

The infusion of the roots of cherries used for gastric and bark - in convulsions, rheumatic pains and nervousness. The broth is made from one tablespoon of the root or bark and drink a glass a day. Decoction of the young branches of cherry used for chronic diarrhea and colitis.

 Cherry juice is useful in anemia, for both prevention and treatment
 Cherry leaves often are part of medicinal charges. When kidney disease they are used in conjunction with blackberry leaves, heads of red clover and flowers of tansy, anemia and inflammatory diseases - with the leaves of mountain ash and flowers of thyme and marigold, colds - in equal proportions with chamomile.

In cosmetology cherries used more often for oily skin. The pulp of fresh fruit narrows enlarged pores and helps to get rid of acne and makes the skin supple and healthy, protecting it from the external environment.


There are large quantities of cherries is contraindicated in diabetes and obesity because of the high sugar content in it. Precautions need to include it in your diet at high acidity of gastric juice and gastric ulcer. Also, eat cherries contraindicated in chronic inflammatory processes, and digestive disorders.