Useful properties of plum

Cherry plum - multi-stemmed green tree, fruiting in late summer. Sometimes referred to as plum plum, but it is wrong. Plums and plum are the same genus of plants, but differ in taste and nutritional value of the fruit.

Alycha appreciated for its constituent sugars, organic acids, ascorbic acid and trace elements, among which the most potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, it is often used for the prevention and treatment of night blindness, scurvy and beriberi. Cherry plum is particularly useful have children, the elderly and pregnant women. The content of many nutrients depends on the color of fruit - in the composition of yellow plum is more citric acid and sugar, and almost no tannins, and red and pink varieties much more pectin.

To one of the useful properties of plum include its ability to improve digestion and produce a laxative effect. These properties are not only sweet-sour fruit, but the leaves of the tree. The bark and roots of plum have anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and antipyretic effect and is often used for colds, especially in the treatment of prolonged cough and sore throat.

Another nice feature is the ability to display plum radionuclides due to the high content of fiber and pectin, which is especially important for residents of large cities. A fresh juice good thirst quencher and is a tonic.


As a dietary product plums useful in fresh or dried form, and it has many medicinal properties in jelly, compotes, jams and compotes. Plum jam is cooked like with bones and without them. For its preparation is generally used an equal ratio of ripe fruit and sugar. Often, plum jam and other fruits are added - oranges, pears or apples.

Compote of dried cherry plum increases appetite, improves digestion and is particularly useful for gastritis with low acidity. Broth can be used to prevent constipation due to laxative effect. For the preparation of the broth a tablespoon of dried cherry plum is brought to a boil in a cup of boiling water, and then insist 5:00. For therapeutic purposes, drink a decoction three times a day before meals for 1/3 cup. To apply plum coughs and colds is recommended to cook like decoction of the roots and bark of the tree. A water extract of the flowers of plum is useful in diseases of the liver, kidneys, as well as for the treatment of impotence.

 Its useful properties plum preserves and jams
 Useful properties and has plum kernel oil, which is used as a laxative in paediatrics, and is also used in the manufacture of medical soaps and perfumes. Also, the oil can be applied topically for wound healing. A shell of seed used in the manufacture of activated carbon.

Unlike plum plum used for cooking traditional Georgian sauce tkemali. Besides cherry plum it includes garlic and various herbs. The peoples of the Caucasus, use this sauce with meat, vegetable and fish dishes, and consider it one of the reasons for longevity, as contained in the cherry plum nutrients contribute to the overall absorption of body fat, and meat. Also in the Caucasus often prepared from the pulp of plum pita bread, which the broken halves dried fruit on wooden boards in the sun. It is considered one of the best ways to save not only the taste, but also all the useful properties of plum.

Contraindications plum

Plum practically has no contraindications and is a valuable dietary product.

With care it is necessary to eat only at high acidity of gastric juice.