Useful properties of celery

Celery - a very useful vegetable that has beneficial effects not only on the digestive system. It contains many valuable proteins, vitamins and minerals. Due to its composition celery normalizes  Leaves and celery
   cells activity, slows the aging process. Celery has a positive effect on the nervous system, exerting a calming effect, so useful in nervous disorders, overvoltage, emotional exhaustion.

There are three of celery culture: leaf, petiolate, root. Sheet culture is used as a spice, there may be added to the fresh or dry form. Celery is used in baked or fresh, with good and as a separate dish, and as an additive in a variety of salads. It stemmed from a healthy culture cooked celery juice. The root crop is used in fried, boiled, baked form as a garnish for meat and fish dishes.

Useful properties of celery are known for a long time. Essential oils contained a rhizome and stems of celery, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. Nutritionists recommend the use of this valuable food vegetable menu for pancreatitis, diabetes. And thanks to the ability to improve water-salt metabolism celery is useful for elderly people.

Celery root has the property to enhance physical performance and mental activity. This vegetable has an antiseptic effect, prevents fat storage, increases the tone of the body, has a diuretic effect, removes uric acid from the body. Thanks to such beneficial properties celery is recommended for diseases of the stomach, liver, urinary system. Celery juice helps to eliminate toxins from the body, improves overall health.

Celery root is very useful for cardiovascular disease. It is able to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, whereby it is recommended for atherosclerosis. Celery root also improves the functioning of the heart muscle, providing a cardiotonic effect. It is also useful in hypertension, as is able to reduce blood pressure.

Celery - a great product for weight loss

Useful properties of celery are not limited to the above. This vegetable is an ideal product for weight loss. Celery is used in cooking a variety of dishes, which are obtained not only tasty and healthy, but not least, the low-calorie. Dishes of vegetables are suitable for direct consumption, and for short-term diets, lasting several days. Nutritionists recommend eating celery as a meal replacement (for example, instead of greasy nourishing dishes better to eat a dish of celery).  Celery juice
 In this case, it guarantees the stability of the gradual loss of weight. Very useful fresh celery juice for weight loss. You can drink it in its pure form or mixed with other juices (apple, orange). For people suffering from overweight, such drink must be in the diet.

Celery: contraindications for use

There are certain restrictions in the use of celery. In particular, it is not recommended to use celery in a large amount in urolithiasis. This is due to its ability to cleanse the kidneys and remove the sand, and with a sharp intensification of the process may cause abdominal pain, associated with the passage of sand on the ureters. It is not recommended to use as celery juice in the third trimester of pregnancy, allergic diseases, hemorrhagic vasculitis, skin diseases. There are limitations in the use of celery. Contraindications of thyroid disease, thrombosis, gastric ulcer in the acute stage.