Camembert cheese - caloric and nutritional value
 One of the varieties of soft fatty cheese, which is used for the preparation of whole cow's milk, is known camembert (camembert). Homeland cheese is a historical region in the north-west of France - Normandy.

Camembert is a white to pale creamy color, has a delicate little mushroom flavor, the outside is covered with a special cheese mold (penicillium camemberti or penicillium candidum), forming a fluffy white crust.

In France, there is a legend that the first Camembert prepared in 1791 a peasant woman Marie Harel, a native of the village of the same name. Recipe Camembert opened her during the French Revolution, hiding from persecution monk.

In 1928, in the town square in France Vimute after cheese was erected a large monument. This event is related to the fact that Norman cheese before one of the doctors treating seriously ill patients. Since the results of the therapy exceeded all expectations, the grateful patients erected a small monument near the village of Camembert, and after 20 years the monument put in Vimute.

Preparation of Camembert cheese

In the production of cheese unpasteurized cow milk was poured into tubs with lids best Camembert prepared from two proportions - half clot poured into molds in the evening, and the residue was added the following morning.

Prescription best producers Camembert cheese 4, 5 l of milk was added 0, 5 ml of rennet at the temperature of 27 ° C. Clotting begins in 2 hours, milk occasional stir to keep separated cream. Since manufacturers do not always have the mold needed for this cheese, you can get a quality piece of Camembert and add to the milk before rennet coagulation process.

The resulting mixture was poured into vats and left overnight, morning cheese becomes less than about 1/3 of its original size. The next morning the whole process is repeated, but before bottling a new clot at the surface of the old vats carefully destroyed. After one day after step Camembert should be so rigid that it can be reversed.

When the cheese begins to harden and keep up with the side walls of the mold, you can add salt and lay on the shelves, where every day is important to turn from one side to the other. Just wait until a pronounced white mold, it is transferred into a drying room with moist air and the temperature of 13 ° C.

If the temperature and humidity are set correctly, the mold begins to grow rapidly and becomes blue, the whole Camembert becomes bluish-gray. Then it was moved to the room with high humidity, wherein the temperature is 10 ° C. In such circumstances, mold growth starts to slow down, the cheese takes on a reddish-brown color, its consistency becomes viscous and is considered ripe.

When cutting the ripened Camembert should be felt hard texture, if in the middle of a piece of semi-liquid mass is detected - poorly cooked cheese. Since the shelf life of the cheese is limited, immediately after this stage it is transported in wooden boxes or packed in straw and try to implement as soon as possible.

Camembert: structure, benefits, contraindications

Gourmets all over the world prefer to use Camembert combined with neutral wines: pink, white Sancerre or Pays d'Auge cider from. In French cuisine cheese is used in soups, sauces and desserts. 100 g Camembert cheese contains:

  • 51, 8 and 3 g of water, 68 g of ashes;
  • 24, 26 g fat, 19, 8 0 g protein and 46 g carbohydrate;
  • 240 micrograms of vitamin A, 0, 488 mg of vitamin B2, 0, 63 mg of vitamin B3, 1, 364 mg vitamin B5, 62 mg vitamin B9 and 1, 3 mcg of vitamin B12;
  • 0 4 ug calciferol, 0, 21 mg of tocopherol, 2 mg phylloquinone and 15, 4 mg choline;
  • 187 mg potassium, 388 mg calcium, 20 mg magnesium, 824 mg of sodium and 247 mg of phosphorus;
  • 0, 33 mg iron, 38 mg manganese, 21 mg of copper, 2, 38 and 14 mg of zinc and 5 mcg of selenium.

Calorie 100g Camembert cheese is 300 calories. Properly prepared, taking into account all the nuances of compounding, camembert very useful for health. It is fully digested, it contains a lot of vitamins, macro- and microelements, bacteria and essential amino acids. It contains mold has healing properties, as found in its composition of matter contribute to the production of melanin, which protects the skin from sunburn.

Doctors recommend eating camembert with exhaustion, tuberculosis, AIDS, cancer, as well as those who are engaged in the physical or mental labor. Cooked on the right technology and camembert recipe contains a record amount of phosphorus and calcium, so useful in fractures, arthrosis and arthritis.

A daily intake of 50 g Camembert beneficial effects on the nervous system, is the prevention of tooth decay and improves the condition of the tooth enamel. Since the composition of the cheese is almost no lactose, it may have even those who can not tolerate conventional milk and milk products.

Camembert is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation and children under the age of 7 years, as unpasteurized milk used for its preparation can cause listeriosis. Refrain from eating cheese stands and those who have cholesterol levels above the average, as well as high blood pressure and hypersensitive to the components of Camembert.

Recipes with Camembert cheese

As mentioned above, the cheese is part of many French cuisine. The most simple recipes with Camembert cheese, which easily can be played at home, are such as:

  •  Camembert - recipes for delicious dishes
 Fried Camembert with rosemary, blueberry jam. 100 g fresh blueberries must be put in a saucepan, add 3 finely chopped rosemary needles, 2 tbsp. l. honey and black pepper. The resulting mixture is boiled for 15 minutes over low heat, and then cooled. After the dressing is ready, it is necessary to fry for 1 min on each side on the entire pan head Camembert laid parchment paper. Ready cheese laid out on a platter, sprinkle with thyme leaves, pink and allspice to taste, cane sugar and pour the sauce;
  • Dyabloteny of Camembert. Butter (100 g) of Article 6. l. wheat flour, 250 ml milk, salt and pepper to taste is necessary to melt over low heat. The resulting mixture is thoroughly stirring, after which the fire is reduced, add 200 grams of sour cream and boil for 10 minutes. 100g of diced Camembert poured into sauce prepared cream cheese is cooled in the refrigerator. Frozen mass cut into squares, dipped in batter of 1 egg, cayenne pepper and bread crumbs, fried and descends fried. Ready dyabloteny laid out on a napkin to the excess fat stack.

Camembert - not only delicious, but also a very useful product. Every day eating only 50 grams of cheese, you can prevent the development of many diseases, and adding it to the daily meals under any power to get exquisite delicacies.