Calvados - an alcoholic drink is originally from France.  Calvados - a drink made from apple cider
 Get it means a single or double-distilled apple cider. During the processing of soft drinks (in cider, on average, contains 5% alcohol) and it turns out like brandy Calvados, a fortress which is 40%.

In fact, calvados - apple brandy is that, like most alcoholic beverages, born in France, is named the same as the territory in which it is produced. Homeland calvados - a department of Normandy, known for its apple orchards. For the beverage industry using more than 30 varieties of apples, and not simple, but the elite, grown specifically for the production of raw materials for Calvados.

The longer sustained Calvados, the tastier and more aromatic. A minimum of two years are considered to be the drink aging in oak barrels, but, according to the technology of brandy from apples can withstand 3, 4, 6, 12, 15 years. There are "vintage" drinks, which for over 50 years.

In order to use the cooking of two-year or apple brandy, or even unseasoned. With calvados prepare cocktails and other flambe desserts.

Calorie Calvados is 256 calories.

Useful properties of Calvados

In addition, the apple brandy brings real aesthetic pleasure, and is able to satisfy the most demanding palates, it stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract, stimulates the appetite. For this reason the drink minimum exposure is recommended as an aperitif.

More venerable age Calvados best suited for stress relief after a hard day, decoration leisurely conversation, use as a digestif - a beverage that is consumed during the meal to improve digestion.  Calorie Calvados - 256 kcal

Calvados drink in small sips, slowly, a little heated glass with a drink in hand - because its flavor is more pronounced.

On the other useful qualities of apple brandy can not speak, which, however, does not interfere with calvados be one of the most famous and popular alcoholic beverages in the world.

Contraindications calvados

As already noted, aged apple brandy - strong drink such as vodka or cognac. It is clear that excessive use of it, despite the magic apple flavor, is fraught with complications of gastrointestinal diseases, liver failure, pancreatic, brain deterioration, cardiovascular activity, reproductive function.

You can not drink Calvados pregnant women, lactating women, children under 18 years.