Cachaça - the Brazilian national drink, which is produced by distilling fermented sugar cane juice.

Beverage  Cachaça - the Brazilian national drink
 Cachaça is known for its strong aroma, which remains due to the fact that the production process is only one distillation extract cane.

Cachaca is kept at least six months, but after that it can be bottled. Although unseasoned Cachaca can also be bought. It is called the "white" and is mainly used for cocktails. The drink that is prepared according to the rules referred to as "gold" or "dark" and refers to the premium class.

Fortress drink is 39-40 degrees. Sometimes, it can reach 54 degrees.

Produce Cachaça in domestic and industrial environments.

In the sale, the export industry is often Cachaca, but true connoisseurs prefer beverage prepared at home, since his expelled in small quantities from the old recipe and adding to wheat bran cane or corn, soybeans, rice and corn flour.

Not to be confused with Cachaca rum - the drink is produced in a similar way, but the extract of cane chased several times. Moreover, in the preparation of rum used secondary fraction - molasses instead of pure juice.

Drink Cachaça either alone or with lime or sugar cane.

Calorie rum is 225 calories.

Useful properties of rum

Beverage strength can be compared with the strength of vodka, so the indoor and outdoor use Cachaca also exhibits antiseptic properties.

On the basis of the drink can be prepared tincture health. For example, when disturbed metabolism, problems with the nervous system, general lethargy can help toning tincture, which consists of shredded unpeeled oranges (500 gr.), Cachaca (500 mL) sugar (1 kg). The components are mixed and a little boil. After cooling means is ready for consumption. Drink infusion once a day for 50 ml.

If there are problems with pressure, it will help restore the tincture made from raw green walnuts (100 pieces), sugar (800 gr.), Rum (1000 ml). Preparing means so nuts cut into four pieces, poured sugar added rum then put in a dark place for 2 weeks. Capacity with infusion desirable periodically, every other day, shaking. Drink tool strained by 3-8 teaspoons a day, 3-4 hours before eating. Tincture will be useful for those who want to clean the liver and the intestine, to prevent memory problems. If desired, instead of sugar, you can use honey.

It is important to observe  They drink rum with lime
 specified dose infusions, as when above the threshold, they can aggravate the problem rather than resolve or prevent it.


Cachaca - quite a strong drink, so it is contraindicated in children under the age of 18, women who are expecting a baby, or are breastfeeding.

Cachaca is notorious for its use of the morning after, when on the eve of the norm was exceeded, very bad headache. Therefore, as in the case with other kinds of alcohol, it is desirable not to abuse drink. We should not forget about the possibility of the development of alcohol dependence.

Cachaca irritate the stomach, so it is not desirable to drink to those who suffer from diseases of the stomach and intestines in the chronic stage of the ulcer or gastrointestinal tract.