Bulgur - recipes for delicious dishes
 Today include bulgur in the menu is considered fashionable. This cereal - a kind of wheat that humanity eats more than 4 thousand years. Cereal raw material for her first treated with steam heat, and already then crushed. As a result of retained grain shell, many valuable nutrients and delicate flavor.

Mediterranean countries and the Middle East has long been appreciated bulgur and incorporated it into their national cuisine. In recent years it has taken its rightful place in the diet of our compatriots.

Bulgur porridge: not all useful tasteless

Caloric bulgur - 340 kcal per 100 grams, while it is not only rich in carbohydrates (76 g), but also contains a considerable quantity of protein (12 g), and necessary for the normal functioning of the human organism crude fiber, minerals and vitamins:

  • IN 1;
  • AT 2;
  • AT 5;
  • AT 6;
  • AT 9;
  • E;
  • K;
  • PP;
  • Beta Cortina;
  • Choline;
  • Potassium;
  • Calcium;
  • Magnesium;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Iron.

It must be noted that cereal bulgur contains a lot of useful food nutrients. At the same time it requires dosing calorie consumption, especially in people who are overweight.

Thus vitamin B complex has a positive effect on the functioning of both the central and peripheral nervous system. Fiber normalizes the composition of intestinal microflora and work, displays the body of harmful substances.

Also, due to the presence of coarse grain bulgur shells slow enough to digest, does not cause surges of glucose and insulin in the blood contributes to long-term preservation of satiety, that is a useful slow carbohydrates and is used to catering slimming. Refrain from it should be only for people with gluten intolerance - celiac disease, as well as during acute diseases of the digestive system.

Bulgur: recipes for all tastes

To prepare cereal bulgur it is enough to fill with boiling water and let stand, covered - porridge turns crumbly and fragrant. It simply add butter or olive oil and you can feast! Nevertheless, there are many recipes from bulgur. One of them - a popular Lebanese cuisine Tabbouleh.

Tabula - a kind of salad that can be eaten warm or cold. To cook it you need to put out a frying pan with olive oil a sufficient number of tomatoes and peppers. Then add the bulgur cereal, insisting under cover until tender, season with spices (black pepper, etc.) and lemon juice. Serve with more chopped herbs - cilantro and parsley.

 How useful porridge bulgur
 Greeks bulgur stuffed red peppers. To do this, cereals and boiled chickpeas until tender, add them crushed garlic, parsley, fried in olive oil, onions, mushrooms and spinach, seasoned with salt and oregano. Stuffing spread in a half peppers, all covered with foil and bake 15 minutes. On top of the ready-made hot dish spread slices of feta cheese.

Stuffed bulgur perfectly with tomato and prawns - rump boil and cool. Grind the tomato pulp, red onion, cilantro, add the cooked and peeled shrimp, connect with bulgur, salt, season with olive oil and fill with tomato halves.

Bulgur pilaf becomes an excellent basis, replacing rice, perfectly cooked in wok pan with chicken, vegetables and soy sauce, is a member of soups and desserts.

Thus, bulgur is very useful for health, is available and is the basis of many delicious dishes. It is great for all sorts of culinary experiments, preparing simple and fast.