Useful properties of buckwheat

The main known and useful property of buckwheat is large iron content in it to help with low hemoglobin anemias. Besides buckwheat contains zinc, molybdenum, potassium, iodine, cobalt, vitamin B, E, PP, phosphorus, calcium.

Calorie 305kkal buckwheat in 100g of the finished product, but because of digestible protein, carbohydrates cereal can be used as a dietary food - it gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Useful properties of buckwheat accounted for representatives of official medicine and cereals are often included in the therapeutic diet patients with hypertension, atherosclerosis, patients with edema of various origins, impaired liver function.

A lot of good reviews about buckwheat, drink to restore digestion, the nervous, muscular systems, improve the allocation of gastric secretion, eliminate the symptoms of chronic fatigue, stabilize heart rhythm, improve appetite.

Because of containing vitamin B2 are known and useful properties such as the improvement of buckwheat, prevention of conjunctivitis, photophobia reduction.

In buckwheat also contains rutin, which with regular use helps to seal the cereals and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Therefore, buckwheat is desirable to include in the diet of those who suffer from varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

The use of buckwheat

Atherosclerosis is useful buckwheat jelly. To make it a spoon cereal diluted 100ml water and cook for two minutes on low heat. Drink jelly shown 1 month 200ml, 2 times a day. Repeat treatment is possible through 2-4ned.

For the treatment of boils buckwheat used externally: Five minutes should be calcined buckwheat, after grind into powder, add water, to get the cake. It is applied to the blackheads on 15-20min.

To relieve symptoms of osteochondrosis and useful treatment of insomnia to sleep on pillows stuffed with buckwheat husks.

Actively engage in the diet on buckwheat. It is better to eat raw, roasted, and whole grains - buckwheat green. The meaning of this diet - you can eat unsalted porridge without limitation for one to two weeks. During dieting buckwheat allowed a day to eat an additional one apple, drink one glass of low-fat yogurt, you can drink the water.

For the diet on buckwheat groats zaparivat better in a thermos, so she is ready to eat in two or three hours. If zaparivat grits in a saucepan, insisting it should be up all night. Swollen friable buckwheat eat without spices, salt, sugar, milk.

Due to the relatively low calorie buckwheat groats ability to purify the body and a good digestibility of the product, this diet allows you to remove 3-8kg two weeks. A second course of weight loss can be done in a month, it is noted that the weight reduction takes place is not so intense, but the result is stored for a long time.

Caloric buckwheat and set it contains nutrients and allows its use for unloading days 1-2 times per week should only porridge prepared as described above.

Good reviews of buckwheat with yogurt, helps to cleanse the liver and intestines. To cleanse for 10 days is recommended to eat in the morning drenched yogurt buckwheat (brewed overnight). Buckwheat eaten instead of breakfast, an hour can be  The main and well-known beneficial properties of buckwheat is a high content of iron in it
 drink 200ml of warm water, and only two hours to eat something. These courses are a good cleaning two or three times a year.

Besides diet green buckwheat is useful for the prevention of varicose veins, strengthening the immune system, improve circulation excretion of cholesterol, heavy metals, toxins, improve digestion, reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. To do this, use the green germ buckwheat: washed groats pour water and leave for two hours. After the water is drained and allowed to wet the buckwheat in the dark for three days, stirring a few times per day. After 36h at Greceanii beans sprouts appear, it means that the porridge is ready for use. Croup should be washed from the mucus, you can add salt and vegetable oil.


Judging by the reviews, buckwheat in large quantities can damage the presence of gastritis, ulcers of the digestive tract. It should also be borne in mind that buckwheat tend to provoke the formation of gas in the intestines and mucus.