Useful properties of broccoli

 Broccoli - an annual plant of the cabbage family
 Broccoli - an annual plant of the cabbage family that looks like cauliflower, but dark green and exceed it by the number of contained minerals.

Useful properties of broccoli are determined therein nutrients. Located in broccoli protein (2, 82g in 100g of the edible part of the plant), is comparable in nutritional protein eggs or beef. It is noted quality protein broccoli - amino acids contained therein can prevent a number of diseases, particularly cardiovascular.

Thanks contained potassium cabbage helps remove excess salt and water, calcium and phosphorus - to improve bone health, iron, copper, cobalt - to stabilize the process of hematopoiesis, vitamin C and zinc - to protect the body from free radicals, vitamin C - to maintain the nervous system. Broccoli is rich in iodine, which is important in diseases of the thyroid gland, and the regular use of this cabbage is a good prevention of diseases of the endocrine system.

Value is a property and broccoli as a purgation of toxins, toxins - in the cabbage contains a lot of fiber.

Calorie Broccoli - 33kKal just 100g, so the cabbage, and taking into account its cleansing properties are advised to include the treatment of diet and weight loss diet.

Broccoli has beneficial effects on the retina and the lens, it is strongly recommended to use those who are undergoing treatment for cataracts, and cabbage help to recover after undergoing severe infections, improves digestion and appetite.

Application of broccoli

Despite the nutritional value and low calorie content of broccoli can not be called popular product due to the fact that not everyone knows how to cook it properly - so as to give it an attractive taste and keep the contained nutrients.

The most useful is raw broccoli. Most often it is served on the inflorescence parsed, poured melted butter or olive oil, seasoned with pepper. Can be prepared from raw broccoli salad. Besides cabbage is necessary to take a medium-sized cucumber, tomato, onion and herbs. Broccoli dismantle, cut the rest of the vegetables, all mixed to taste prisalivaem and pepper, seasoned with olive oil. This salad is very useful because it contains a lot of vitamins and fiber.

In order to get used to the cabbage, you can enter it in the menu gradually adding any vegetable salad several inflorescences of cabbage. For those who still can not eat this cabbage raw, advised her pour over boiling water.

 Boiled or baked broccoli is a good side dish to meat, fish
 Besides, boiled or baked broccoli is a good side dish to meat, fish, from it we can cook a vitamin cream soup. You can make sandwiches with cheese and boiled or raw broccoli. It should only take into account that this cabbage is better to cook only for a couple or protushivaya slowly in a small amount of water. Cook the broccoli no more 5-6min, at long cooking it loses about 50% of trace elements.

In a microwave oven to cook broccoli is not recommended - the loss of trace elements is about 85%.

To prepare the cream of broccoli soup, you must boil and grind in a blender spinach and cabbage, add a spoonful of breadcrumbs in a small amount of vegetable broth to dissolve 2 tablespoons of starch, 3 tablespoons cream or sour cream, combine with spinach and cabbage, bring to a boil. When serving soup can flavor soy sauce and lemon juice. Dietary this soup, despite the calorie broccoli can not be named because of the sour cream and starch, but still it is recommended to regularly include in your diet, because Properly cooked in the soup contains a record number of vitamins.


It is undesirable to use broccoli ulcer and gastrointestinal bleeding, gastritis, pancreatitis.