Brown cap boletus

Boletus belongs to the genus of fungi Lektsinum. His hat has a dim brown color. The name  Boletus - fungi Lektsinum
   this fungus was because most of it can be found in the birch groves. Boletus first appear in early summer and there until late autumn. Due to the fact that when dried flesh of the fungus blackens it belongs to the black fungus.

Application boletuses

Mushroom lovers argue that their taste tastes boletus only slightly loses Borovik. Boletus disadvantage is that the flesh while cooking is strong enough to darken. In order to prevent this browning recommended soaking the mushrooms in a weak solution of citric acid (0, 5%) for about half an hour.

Boletus can be boiled, fried, stewed, salt and marinate. Of them can make amazingly tasty toppings for pizza, rolls and cakes. Dry fungi usually pulverized into powder and used as a basis for various sauces and gravies.

Composition and Properties

The main value boletuses contained therein is complete protein, including essential amino acids - glutamine, arginine, tyrosine, leucine. In addition boletus are rich in vitamins C, B, PP, D and E. Dietary fiber contained in the pulp of these mushrooms, stimulate the intestines, like a sponge and absorb toxins and eliminate them from the body's natural way out.

Boletus have a therapeutic effect on diseases of the nervous system and the urinary tract, as well as regulate the level of sugar in the blood serum, which makes it possible to include these mushrooms in food diet of diabetics. In addition, birch, by their content of phosphoric acid improves the activity of the musculoskeletal system, giving the skin and mucous membranes healthy and beautiful. Given the low calorie boletuses, they may include in their menu people who want to lose weight.


Despite its rich and full-bodied taste, a lot of useful properties boletuses can eat, not all people. They should be excluded from the diet of people suffering from gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, as well as the presence of idiosyncrasy (individual intolerance).

Boletus should be distinguished from bile mushrooms that have a high affinity with them. However, the latter due to its very unpleasant taste burning and are inedible mushrooms. To distinguish them in appearance is difficult. And if you have doubts, just Break the mushroom cap. Pulp gall fungus on the fracture under the influence of air very quickly begins to redden, while birch remains unchanged.

Did you know?

Boletus growing  Preparation boletuses
 very fast pace. For every day it grows by about 4-5 cm, and its weight increases during the same period by 10, 0 grams. His maturity he has already reached on the sixth day, then is rapidly aging. A common life of this fungus only ten days.

What should be boiled boletus?

Boletus should be rinsed under running water and soak for half an hour in cold water acidulated. Cook should be not less than 45 minutes on low heat, do not forget to take regularly formed during the cooking foam.

Food value and caloric boletuses

Birch contain 1, 2% carbohydrates, 0, 8% fat and 2, 1% protein. Calorie boletuses is 20 kcal per 100 grams of mushrooms 0. The nutritional value of mushrooms is also due to the rich content of macro- and microelements: manganese, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium.