Blue whiting

Blue whiting refers to the cod family of fishes and is divided into two types - the north and south.

Biological characteristics and distribution

North view  Blue whiting - a servant of the cod family
 whiting lives on the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, Iceland and the Barents Sea. This type of fish has a length of 35 cm and weighs about 800 North whiting grows slowly and reaches full maturity in 5-7 years. This fish feeds on crustaceans and fry anchovies, cod, herring and haddock.

Southern blue whiting view larger reaches a length of 60 cm and weighs up to 1, 5 kg. This fish is common in the southern coast of the Orkney Islands, in the waters of the Patagonian shelf in Antarctica. The fish, which lives in the Antarctic summer migrates to the southern islands. Southern blue whiting has a silver color purple fins and the back, a small island jaw and five fins.

Southern blue whiting lives in the water column, feeding on zooplankton, eggs and fry of other fish species. Currently, blue whiting is fish feed, which hunts haddock, various mammals and dolphins. Full maturity of the fish reaches three years and multiplies at a depth of 300 meters with a water temperature of 10 degrees.

Both species are blue whiting fishing fish, which are caught in the spring and fall. This fish in recent years, most often used in the fishing industry in Europe. In 2007, the volume of commercial fish catch among blue whiting took fifth place. Yearly catches of about 1, 5 million. Tonnes of the fish.

The fishing industry of whiting provide semi-finished products and natural preserves. Most often this is used as fish feed for pets.

Useful properties of blue whiting

Blue whiting is a low-fat species of fish with a pleasant taste and aroma. The meat of this fish is a dietary product is recommended for people with excess weight, as well as children and women during pregnancy.

Useful properties of blue whiting seen in the strengthening of the protective properties of the human body, increase resistance to respiratory diseases and inflammatory processes, and they promote cell regeneration, healing of wounds and burns.

The fish rich in vitamins A, B and D, manganese, phosphorus, iodine, sodium, fluorine and sulfur. Trace elements in the composition of fish and normalize blood cholesterol and improve fat metabolism.

Regular consumption of whiting can improve vision, to maintain healthy skin and prevent wrinkles.

Proved useful properties whiting to strengthen bones, improve the condition of hair and nails, due to the content of retinol.

From blue whiting made fish oil, which is a fortifying agent, rich in vitamins and omega-3. These nutrients are necessary for the treatment of atherosclerosis and diseases of the colon, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus.

In children,  Preparation of blue whiting
 consume fish oil, improves brain function, enhance memory and mental processes are accelerated.

Calories whiting

Blue whiting is tender meat diet, rich in vitamins and trace elements. Meat whiting suitable for salt-free diet and health of fish menu. Caloric whiting is 82 kcal., And also in fish contains 18 g of protein and 0, 9 grams of fat.


Contraindications to the use of blue whiting is the idiosyncrasy and predisposition to allergic reactions to seafood and fish protein.

It is not recommended to use this fish with severe diseases of the digestive system and intestinal disorders.