black coffee

 Natural black coffee beans
 Natural black coffee - one of the most popular drinks in the world, many people simply do not represent the beginning of a new day without a cup of aromatic coffee refreshing. However, to this day there is debate about the benefits and dangers of this product. Numerous studies, some scientists once again proves the negative impact of coffee on the human body, while others continue to open its new features not previously known.

It is worth noting that very few people regularly drink it real black coffee beans, mostly prefer its soluble analogue, who invented Swiss chemist Max Morgentaller. This type of coffee is easier and faster to prepare, but in taste it is much inferior to the present. And that it contains large amounts of caffeine, so lovers of coffee is recommended to drink a drink of grain, and it is tastier and healthier.

The story of black coffee

Homeland coffee tree is considered to be the province of Kaffa in Ethiopia, and hence the name of the product itself. Legend has it wrong. One day (it was about in the XIII century) Ethiopian shepherd noticed that the goats after eating the fruit of the tree of the unknown, are beginning to jump on the hills. After that he became a brewing coffee beans and give to his disciples, that they do not fall asleep during the evening prayer.

Already in the XVI century the black coffee had spread in Persia, America, Turkey and Europe. The first European country to start "drinking coffee", was Italy. In Russia, this drink will be the first time in 1665. At that time, our country has been very active trade relations with the countries of the Near and Middle East, where the coffee is already very popular. In its popularization in our country I have made a great contribution to Peter I, who used to drink this beverage in Holland.

A little bit of caffeine

Caffeine - this is the main active ingredient of coffee contained in the coffee seeds, and tea leaves and cola nuts. Scientists have shown that this alkaloid has a strong stimulating effect on the central nervous system, so it is used as a stimulant. Caffeine also increases the excitation processes in the cerebral cortex, so black coffee improves physical and mental performance, motor activity, reduces sleepiness and fatigue. However, an overdose of this product can contribute to the depletion of neural cells.

It is worth noting that the effect of caffeine on each of us individually, and depending on the type of nervous activity. In addition, the weakening effect of the alkaloid narcotic and hypnotic drugs.

Partly refute opinions and that caffeine being a drug, causing physical and psychological dependence. In fact, black coffee can actually cause physical dependence, but to call it a drug would not be correct, because the psychological addiction, unlike drugs, it does not matter. Moreover, scientists have confirmed the benefits of coffee, provided that they will not be abused, ie drink a day not more than 2-3 cups.

The beneficial properties of coffee

Avicenna and Aristotle were known beneficial properties of coffee. Each grain contains many different vitamins and trace elements, the main ones: calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, sulfur, and phosphorus. Furthermore, this product contains more than 30 organic acids.

Due to its beneficial properties of coffee prevents the development of diabetes by 30% reduces the risk of gallstones.

It is proved that in the coffee has serotonin, which is also called "hormone of happiness", so it elevates mood and helps overcome depression. With regular use of black coffee (but no more than 3 cups a day) reduces the risk of depression. According to statistics, people who regularly drink coffee, at times less likely to commit suicide compared with those who did not drink this drink.

Known benefits of coffee to the central nervous system, it improves blood flow to the brain, thereby increasing brain activity by almost 10%.

It proved that small quantities of this drink improves potency and spermatogenesis in men. One cup of black coffee a day is able to extend the sexually active women who are over 50 years old.

More recently, scientists have discovered another property of coffee - a positive impact on a person in relation to Parkinson's disease. These studies made a revolution in medicine, and now the company is actively working on the creation of the drug on the basis of caffeine that will be able to stop and even reverse this terrible disease.

The undeniable benefits of coffee in cosmetology. Massage with coffee grounds in areas prone to cellulite, it makes the skin silky smooth and flat. Coffee grounds mixed with any cream - is an excellent natural exfoliating, it will align the surface of the skin and cleanse the face. A little drink added to the water to rinse hair after washing, making them stronger and healthier, eliminate itching and dandruff.

Scientists from India, is credited with black coffee property to protect the human body from radiation. However, European doctors have not confirmed this view.

Two or three cups of fragrant black coffee a day can significantly reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis and cancer of the breast. They improve attention and memory, elevate mood and vitality, increase efficiency.

Be sure to remember that the benefits of coffee to our organism will only, if taken strictly limited numbers - no more than 3 cups a day.  Known benefits of coffee to the central nervous system

Hurt Coffee

First of all, anyone who loves to drink the black coffee, you need to know that an overdose leads to headaches, dizziness and insomnia.

Coffee is contraindicated for people with such diagnoses: coronary heart disease, kidney disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, glaucoma, insomnia and irritability.

We prove the harm of coffee ulcer and exacerbation of chronic gastritis. Furthermore, it affects the metabolism of calcium in the human body.

The drink contains tannins, they can drain the gastric mucosa, so it is not desirable to drink it on an empty stomach.

Do not recommend to use this product for children and the elderly.

Damage coffee expressed in the fact that it washes out of the body minerals including calcium. Therefore it is better to drink the beverage with milk or cream. As an option - coffee lovers can take vitamin complexes.

Until recently banned drinking coffee drinks pregnant, but recently scientists have shown that caffeine does not adversely affect either the health of the woman or her unborn child.

Another harm of coffee for a long time scientists have called the ability to cause cancer rectum and colon, pancreas. However, recent studies have shown that black coffee, on the contrary, reduces the activity of some carcinogens.