Useful properties of banana

Bananas contain carbohydrates, vitamins A, C, D, E, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, calcium, sodium, iron, and copper. Calorie Banana - 90kkal in 100g of pulp.

The main benefit is determined by the presence of potassium banana. This material was necessary to ensure cardiac activity for growth of bones and teeth, muscle and liver. Its deficiency in the body give night cramps leg muscles. Therefore, people with such symptoms show regular consumption of bananas - the leading products on the content of potassium 350mg in 100g banana pulp.

There are bananas and "providers" of good mood. They contain tryptophan, which, after entering the body converts into serotonin, which has a relaxing effect and improves mood.

Useful properties of bananas are important for anemia, elevated pressure, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, liver, heartburn, constipation, expressed premenstrual syndrome.

Bananas help cleansed of toxins, eliminate withdrawal symptoms, relieve the pain of ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate the immune system, improve sleep, soothe.

Use a banana to the digestive tract is expressed in the fact that it contains catecholamines help enteritis and reduce inflammation of the gastric mucosa and mouth.

In addition, bananas easier to quit smoking, and they are indispensable for the intense physical and mental stress.

Useful properties of bananas manifested in external their application. In cosmetology fruit is used to nourish the skin and hair, it can deduce warts.

Use of banana

To get rid of heartburn before meals is recommended to eat one banana. It's advisable to do and those who suffer from ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract.

Bananas help when you cough. To do this, the fruit rub through a sieve, put in hot sweet water, heated and drink. The proportions for such drugs: two bananas on 200ml of water.

Help stop diarrhea 4-5 bananas, and to deal with depression on a daily basis is enough to eat one or two bananas.

Use the banana is not only in his flesh. Banana peel and have been used in home medicine. For example, it can be cleaned with insect bites to relieve itching. The same method is used to accelerate the healing of bruises, cuts, scratches, bruises.

To display a wart using Banana, you must cut out a small square of his skin, lubricate it with the inside of the garlic juice or crushed garlic, lay it all on the wart and secure with tape. Carry out the procedure at night and during the day several times a wart lubricated threads, which are under the skin of the fruit. Banana-garlic applications do not come until the wart.

Fresh banana peel helps draw out the splinter. For this the night the rind must be applied to the sore spot. The morning will splinter up and it can be pulled out. For such cases it is better to take perespevshih peel bananas with brown spots.

To eliminate the pain in the muscles, joints helps banana liqueur for rubbing. It should take 4-6 banana skins, chop and pour 500 ml of vodka, insist 5 weeks.

Also banana peel helps remove Ascaris, pinworms, tapeworms. For this purpose it was dried, pulverized, taking pinch about 5 times per day, before meals. Suitable for treating only the skin which, after drying, has not lost the yellow color. You can give it a means of peel bananas to children. Plus it is natural that it is not toxic and does not give complications.

Despite the fairly high calorie banana can be used for diet, aimed at getting rid of excess weight. You can apply a three-day fast and efficient dairy banana mono-diet, in which every day I drink three glasses of milk or yogurt, eat three bananas. Additionally, you can drink water and green tea. Diet can be extended up to a week, but in this case it is recommended each day to eat two more eggs in order to prevent the loss of protein. The key to such a diet is not a calorie banana and low fat content, the presence of natural sugar and carbohydrates, which give a feeling of fullness, helping easier to bear diet.

It deserves special attention that can be given to children bananas - they rarely cause allergies, and therefore are recommended for fruit feeding children up to one year. Bananas are the children begin to give a ½ tea spoon a day and nothing new for the child in this day do not give: so you can find out the reaction of the child's body for bananas. In the future, if the allergy is not detected, you can use banana flour for cooking, to give children with the disorder bananas  Use the banana is not only in his flesh but also in the skin
 digestive system.

Nutritional and healing properties of banana used in cosmetology. To supply the skin banana mixed with cream and honey and applied to the skin for 20-30min. To make the skin tone is mixed and applied to bananas and oranges.

Known benefits of banana and hair growth. For example, effective mask banana, egg yolk, honey and sour cream. Keep this mask on your hair at least an hour. For dry hair is recommended to make a mask of banana, honey and wheat germ, and oily hair mixed honey, banana and lemon. Keep the mask on your hair for 20-30 minutes.


Seen such negative properties of banana: it can cause fermentation in the stomach and hinder the excretion of bile, so it is not recommended to drink water, juice or tea, eat at night and immediately after meals.

It is undesirable to use these fruits in thrombophlebitis, cancer, high cholesterol, after a heart attack, stroke.

Because calorie bananas should be limited in obesity.

Ripe fruits are contraindicated in diabetes.