Useful properties of avocado

 The avocado is useful to all: fruit, leaves, seeds
 From a medical point of view, avocado helpful all the fruit, leaves and seeds. The fruit is almost no protein and sugar, so it can be incorporated into the therapeutic diets. The leaves and seeds of this fruit has healing properties, a decoction of them take for dysentery, enterocolitis, chronic colitis.

Useful properties of avocado defined within it of vitamin K, F, C, E, B6. Therefore, the avocado is useful in low immunity, low hemoglobin, nervous exhaustion.

It was found and anti-tumor properties of avocado. The fruits were found phytochemicals and phytonutrients - these elements are destroying tumor cells.

Avocado helps to absorb carotenoids - organic substances, beneficial effects on the eyes, skin, teeth. Total 50g avocado pulp increases the absorption of carotenoids in person twice.

It was found that regular consumption of fruit helps relieve irritability, drowsiness and fatigue, increase efficiency, improve overall health. These beneficial properties of avocado provides mannoheptulose substance that reduces blood glucose and promotes better assimilation of its brain cells.

Due to included potassium avocados normalize the transmission of nerve impulses, restores the muscular system, the water-salt balance.

Avocado is known as an antioxidant and, inhibiting the aging process, protects cells from free radicals.

In cosmetology used fruit and avocado oil. The oil effectively to improve the immunity of the skin, restoring the protective function of the epidermis and the pulp of fruits, due to the content of fats, protects dry skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles. It is useful to restore the split avocado, oily and dry hair.

The use of avocado

Restorative properties of the avocado can be used during rehabilitation after infections and other diseases in vitamin deficiency.

As a dietary product avocado useful in diabetes, dyspepsia, catarrh of the stomach, gastritis, cataracts, constipation.

The ability of the fruit to reduce the amount of cholesterol because it is included in the diet for hypertension, anemia, atherosclerosis.

Dysentery, colitis, enterocolitis, accompanied by diarrhea, prepare such extracts from the leaves of the avocado:

  • one spoon a tablespoon of leaves pour 300 g of water, cook 8 minutes. After the stand for two hours and filtered. Drink this infusion of half a cup three times a day minutes. 30 before a meal. The treatment lasts for two or three weeks.
  • At the same proportions and the infusion brewed from the seeds of avocado. Drink it over the 30 minutes before a meal, half a cup. The treatment lasts for two or three weeks.

To restore dry hair mask, prepared from a ripe avocado, two tablespoons of olive oil, and eggs. Mask hold on the hair for half an hour. If your hair is oily, instead of olive oil and add the eggs and honey yogurt.

For moisturizing facial mask can be made from the pulp of avocado and olive oil. The tool is applied to the face, neck and wash off after 15min. For dry and aging skin is useful mask of avocado, grated carrot, egg yolk and honey.

Avocado oil for hair care, skin, nails can be used in its pure form, can be added to ready to use cosmetic products to enhance their effectiveness, can be blended with other oils. The practice of massage, grinding and applications with oil.

 Avocado oil is effectively used in cosmetology
 Inside avocado taken to prevent heart attack and stroke, treatment of ulcers stomach, gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, infertility. Helps oil and deterioration of potency problems with milk production in lactating women.

Drink avocado oil, one tea spoon 2 times a day before meals - 40 minutes per course of treatment lasts 20 or 30 days. This is more useful to a dark green oil with a nutty smell and taste. If the color is yellow in the oil, then it is passed cleaning, and is not as efficient.

To select avocados really useful, you need to carefully examine it - on its peel should be no cracks, stains, surface myagkovata and lends itself to light finger pressure. Solid fruit ripening is desirable to put on two or three days.


Avocados can not be used only if there is an individual intolerance to it.

It is important to clean the fruit: the bone in a lot of toxins that are released when exposed to air. Cutting the fruit, you need to quickly remove the bone. Storing sliced ​​avocado is possible only in the refrigerator, not more than two days. In order to not blackened flesh, it is sprayed with lemon juice.