Orange-cap boletus

Boletus belongs to the family boletovyh. In nature, there are several varieties of it.  Red Boletus
 The most common yellow-brown, white and red aspen (the latter more often called krasnogolovikom). Leg boletus is white, and the top covered with black or brown scales that resemble flakes. Cap diameter of 5 to 25 cm. Fault Boletus white pulp, and then exposed to air began to turn pink, and then turn black. These fungi grow fast enough for each day its mass increases by about 20, 0 g Lifetime boletus is only 11 days.

Distribution in nature

Aspen grow mostly in mixed and deciduous forests. It often can be found in the neighborhood with young aspens, for which this mushroom got its name. In Russia, the aspen are found in the forests of the Far East and Siberia, in the Perm region, Penza, Moscow, Murmansk and Leningrad regions.

Application boletus

According to its nutritious and taste almost as good as Boletus boletus. It can be boiled, fried, dried, pickling, salting. In the food can be used not only the hat, but the leg. However, many fans consider it a slightly mushrooms harsh.

During cooking, the flesh of the fungus gets dark. To prevent this, aspen soaked in a weak (0, 5%) solution of acetic or citric acid for 30-40 minutes.

Aspen can be used for the preparation of delicious salads and soups. This fungus is perfectly combined with cabbage, potatoes, buckwheat and rice. Dried aspen mushrooms can make soup, not inferior in its calorie broth.

The composition of aspen mushrooms

These mushrooms contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins. They are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins (group B, C, A, PP). According to the content of vitamin PP aspen are not inferior to yeast and liver, and the content of B vitamins - crops.

The aspen enough protein, but, unfortunately, it is absorbed by the human body is slightly worse than meat protein. However, a part of the protein contains all the essential amino acids. That is why nutritionists recommend include aspen in the diet of people who have had inflammatory or infectious diseases, surgery.  Dried aspen

Calorie dried aspen mushrooms is 314, 7 100 kcal, 0 grams of mushrooms and fresh - 22 kcal.


Do not frequently or in large quantities eat aspen persons with diseases of the liver and / or kidneys.

interesting fact

Using food aspen, can not be afraid of poisoning because This mushroom can not be confused with any inedible or poisonous mushroom.

Dried aspen

Dried aspen in large quantities contained minerals and dietary fiber. They contribute to the improvement of metabolic processes, reduce blood pressure, eliminating headaches.

In addition, dried aspen rich in vitamins PP, D, C and B, which are so essential for many metabolic processes, overall health and beauty of the person.

Contraindications for dried aspen mushrooms

Any fungi, and especially dried are gastro-intestinal tract of man sufficiently heavy food. Therefore, do not use large amounts of aspen Dried food for elderly people and children. Aspen should be completely excluded from the diet of those who suffer individual intolerance to this food.