White amur

Grass carp - a herbivorous freshwater fish of the carp family, living in northern Asia, in the European part of the CIS, and the Far East.

Cupid with  Grass carp - fish of the carp family
 mind like a carp, but his body is no longer stretched, and scales lighter, silver and large.

Interestingly, the carp caught on algae, cucumbers, corn on the cob, young, possibly even so its second common name - herbal carp.

Useful properties of grass carp

Grass carp are valued for what it contains vitamins A, B, C, E, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium. Of particular advantage to the person bringing the omega-6 fatty acids, which are also found in the meat of grass carp.

The chemical composition of fish fillets allows him to exercise antioxidant properties, preventing the development of brain pathologies, cardiovascular system.

Regular use of grass carp provides an opportunity to support the nervous and digestive system, regulate blood sugar, stimulate the supply of oxygen to the cells.

Calorie grass carp is 134 calories.

Secrets of cooking grass carp

Grass carp - a versatile culinary point of view of the fish. It can extinguish, smoke, fry, boil, bake.

Given that learned to plant grass carp in artificial conditions, today rather just buy it fresh. This greatly increases the number of dishes that can be prepared from grass carp.

To prepare the grass carp is better to take the big fish because it can be easily removed from the bone.

You can cook the fish, cut into pieces or whole. More fatty pieces can be fried, and drier, those closer to the tail of the best STTS with fried onions and carrots, lemon and black pepper: fish need to bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for about half an hour, an hour.

To bake the fish, gutting it first, take out the spine through the abdomen, leaving the skin on the back of the whole. After that, the fish is salted, peppered, open and put back down on a baking sheet, brush with mayonnaise, put on top of fried onions and carrots. Bake for 30-50 minutes, a white cupid, a more precise time depends on its size.

You can bake in foil cupid, so continue its juice, which can be poured garnish - crushed potatoes or boiled rice. Brushed fish without bones are washed, dried, salted, peppered, sprinkled with lemon juice, wrapped in plastic foil and bake 30-50 minutes.

Those who do not  Preparation of grass carp in the oven
 suffers from the gastrointestinal tract or pancreas, liver, and is not afraid of calories, can fry the fillets or pieces of fish bones in batter of eggs and flour. Before cooking grass carp, as usual, salt and pepper, if desired, is sprayed with soy sauce. You can add to batter other spices to taste, such as garlic and hops-suneli.


White amur can harm only to those who are allergic to fish or seafood.

Those who observe low-calorie diet, it is best to refrain from eating fish. Despite the low calorie, fat carp enough, but it can reduce the effect of diet.