Beef tongue

 Beef tongue - a byproduct of deli
 Beef - cattle meat, which includes bulls and cows of different ages. There are indications that the first ancestors of modern cattle were domesticated in the Trans-Baikal region of about eight thousand years ago.

Beef classified in the second, the first and the highest grade. To higher class includes dorsal and pectoral part and fillet rump, sirloin and rump. The first class includes the shoulder blade and parts of the carcass, and the second class includes shank, front and rear, and desperately. The most valuable is considered to be meat breeds of cattle meat. Especially prized meat immature young animals.

Beef liver, heart, brain, kidneys and beef tongue referred to as meat offal of the first category. Beef tongue is rightly called a delicacy. It consists of muscle tissue coated outer shell. Language can weigh from two hundred grams to two kilograms. Before getting on the shelves of this delicacy is carefully processed. From the lymph nodes are removed, fat and connective tissue.

The composition and caloric content of beef tongue

One hundred grams tongue 68 contains 8 g of water, 150 mg of cholesterol, 4, 8 g saturated fatty acids and about one gram of ash. In the language of a lot of protein (about 16%) This product is a lot of vitamins. One hundred grams of language contains 7, 7 mg of vitamin PP, 0, 4 mg of vitamin E, 4, 7 mg vitamin B12 6 mcg of vitamin B9, 0, 2 g vitamin B6, 2 g Vitamin B5, 0, 3 mcg of vitamin B3 0 12 micrograms of vitamin B1. Also contained in the language 9 mcg tin 16 mcg Molybdenum 19 mcg chromium, 0, 053 mg of manganese, 94 mg Cu, 251 mg iron, 224 mg of phosphorus, 255 mg potassium, 100 mg sodium, 19 mg magnesium and 8 mg of calcium.

Calorie beef tongue is 173 kcal per hundred grams of product.

Benefits of beef tongue

This deli-product promotes the synthesis of hormones and amino acids, and also activates the production of insulin, helping to normalize the blood sugar concentration. That is why the obvious benefits of beef tongue in diabetes. An important use of beef tongue is a beneficial effect on the human nervous system.

Calorie beef tongue is relatively low. In language there is no connective tissue, so it can be attributed to the easily digestible foods. Doctors recommended as often as possible to eat boiled beef tongue with anemia, peptic ulcer, pregnancy, gastritis. It is believed that regular consumption delicacy helps with migraines and insomnia.

One hundred grams of this by-product contains 150% daily requirement for vitamin B12, regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body. A small piece of language to meet one-third of the daily requirement for vitamin PP and zinc - by 40%.

Harm beef tongue

The amount of fat in beef tongue three times more than in the liver. Harm beef tongue kidneys and liver can cause only if overuse.

To reduce the harm beef tongue, you must remove the skins before boiling.

In addition, beef tongue damage may occur if administered in the animal meat hormones, pesticides, antibiotics (usually through the feed).  Boiled beef tongue

Methods for preparing beef tongue

Many chefs of the world appreciate this byproduct of his gentle, refined taste and high nutritional quality. The national dish of language present in the Polish, Georgian, Russian, Chinese, Tunisian cuisine. In gastronomy, there are several options for the preparation of this delicacy, but the most popular is boiled beef tongue.

Boiled beef tongue unusually gentle and very soft. Boil it should be no less than three to four hours. When boiling a little it can swell and increase in size. To impart additional flavor and aroma of the finished product at the end of boiling is advisable to add thereto a variety of herbs and spices, such as black pepper, bay leaf.

Excellent taste has a language and stewed. Simmer it can sour cream, cream and even wine. Delicatessen also be stuffed, fry in batter or breading or baked. This product is widely used in the production of smoked meats, sausages, ham and canned.

It is very useful to prepare the language of the filler. To do this, you must first prepare language, rinse it, pour water and add the bay leaf, pepper, onion and carrot. Boil it should be two or three hours on low heat. Ready boiled beef tongue must be cooled, remove the peel and cut into thin slices. The cooled broth, pour the gelatin and leave for an hour to swell. Then heat the broth to dissolve gelatin. Pieces of language to spread on a dish, add the carrots and parsley. Then all pour broth and leave in the refrigerator until completely freezing.