Black salt

Black salt - natural volcanic rock salt, which in India is also known as Kala Namak and Sanchaa. Although it is called, and Black, the color of her pale pink. By the way, in India it is very cheap, but beware of fakes.  Black salt salad

It is not known why this salt is called black. Perhaps because in contact with food, it will turn black, and only then dissolve.

The use of black salt

Black salt is widely used as a spice in many countries. She added, not only during cooking but also in ready meals. Actually, black salt is used as the common salt. Many gourmets used to keep it in the salt shaker on the table, as well as other spices and seasoning her soups, salads, side dishes, appetizers, sauces, vegetable pate.

For example, in Indian spices known "chat Masala" is black salt is the main active component. "Chat Masala" is used to add to fruit salads and toasted nuts. Often you can find the black salt in the elite restaurants in New York City, where she served with various dishes.

However, do not confuse natural Indian black salt with the one produced since ancient times in Russia on the eve of Easter. It is also in the old days was called the Thursday of black salt, as produced it in the black Thursday. To this end, we took a large piece of rock salt, burn through it in the oven along with the cabbage leaves, herbs or jingoistic grounds. Already finished product consecrated the church with cakes and eggs. Unfortunately, almost all recipes like salt lost forever.

The composition of the black salt

Black salt is mined in fields in which there are substances that contain hydrogen sulfide. Actually, thanks to its natural composition, the use of black salt is more useful to man, and it tastes less salty than regular salt. Its properties can be compared with soy sauce, because it contains substances that act on the body like enzymes improves digestion.  Black salt increases appetite

But judging by the reviews, the black salt can not completely replace the dining room or sea, as it has a specific smell and taste, similar to the hard-boiled egg yolk. This is due to the fact that it includes hydrogen sulfide is present. Instead of sodium chloride it is much smaller than in conventional salt, however, if talking about the deposition of salts in the joints, the ferrous salt is preferably human.

Use black salt

The medicine has been scientifically proven benefits of black salt, as it increases appetite, eliminates flatulence and helps to relieve constipation. In addition, it is shown to eat to eliminate the serious consequences of poisoning. The substances contained in it, increases peristalsis and have a mild laxative effect.

Black Salt reviews of great help cleanse the stomach from the remnants of undigested food. To do this, you must prepare the following composition: 2 teaspoons sweet flag, 0, 5 teaspoon of licorice root pour a glass of boiling water and keep on low heat for 15 minutes. Thereafter, the vessel lid, and put to cool. When the infusion has cooled, drain and add 0, 5 teaspoon salt, and drink in one gulp. Drink 2-3 cups of infusion necessary to clean boiled water. After some time, one feels the urge to vomit.