Green and black tea

Tea bush, which is prepared from the leaves of black and green tea, belongs to the family of tea, to the genus Camellia.

 Green tea - source of antioxidants
 Green and black tea produced in the process of multi-stage processing of the leaves of the tea bush.

For leaves, which is prepared from green tea, they are steamed, rolled and dried.

For black tea leaves of the tea plant vyalyat, twisted, fermented and dried. Under the influence of fermentation the leaves are formed polyphenols that give the leaves a black or reddish-brown color.

Useful than green tea?

Because the leaves of the tea plant is not exposed to the fermentation useful microelements in the green tea preserved. It is found that after treatment, the amount of vitamins C, F and antioxidants catechins remains practically at baseline. In addition to these trace elements are contained in tea leaves vegetable proteins, making the drink is very nutritious, and zinc, copper, tannin, Thein, glutamic acid.

That is due to the composition and use of tea: it has antimicrobial effects, strengthens blood vessels, removes radionuclides, stimulate mental and physical activity, restores the metabolism, lowers blood sugar and intracranial pressure, stops inflammation, improves blood circulation, the nervous system.

Speaking about the benefits of tea, brewed from green leaves it must be noted that with the right nutrients in brewing the beverage is stored is much higher than in black tea.

Properly brewed green tea - is such that is kept not more than 5 minutes. After this time, he turns to drink green-yellow color with a specific taste, which does no harm, but bears no benefits. If the tea stand 2 minutes, it will have a tonic effect, if 5 minutes, on the contrary, calm. Brew tea with water heated to 80 ° C, kettle is heated to 70-75 ° C. The rate that it is desirable to follow when brewing: 3 grams of leaves per 200 ml of water.

Regular use of properly brewed green tea restores the nervous system, improves concentration, brain activity, eye.

People diagnosed with peptic ulcer gastrointestinal tract with low acidity is recommended to drink green tea on a regular basis as it due to its antibacterial action and tannins contained decontamination and promotes healing of ulcers. Since the tea stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, those suffering from a stomach ulcer, it is recommended rather weak brew green tea. Drinking tea is recommended three times a day with meals.

Green Tea Helps at various poisoning. The benefits of tea in this case, due to the presence of catechin, which eliminate toxins, stimulate the kidneys.

Tea has found application in cosmetology. It valued its antibacterial, antioxidant and tonic properties.

To make the tone of the face, neck, it can be cleaned frozen diced green tea. In order to be the benefits of tea, brewed him firmly on mineral water.

To prevent hair loss beauticians recommend a daily rub into the scalp a strong freshly brewed and cooled to an optimum temperature of green tea. Rinse it with the hair is not necessary. Judging by the reviews, after 10 days the hair stopped falling out.

To get rid of dandruff prepare this remedy: Mix strongly brewed green tea, castor oil, vodka - two tablespoons. The ingredients are well mixed, after which the tool is rubbed into the hair roots, his head covered with a warm cloth. Two hours later, the hair can be washed in a familiar way. The procedure is carried out at least 2-3 times a week until the dandruff will not cease to appear.

Contraindications of green tea

The damage from the tea may be the case, if you drink it consistently strong brewed in large quantities.

Drink should not be carried away by those who have insomnia, found heart rhythm abnormalities. Chronic use of tea can lead to accumulation of polyphenols and poisoning, disturbance of liver and kidneys.

Drink green tea to treat gout is not recommended because it contains purine compounds.

Wipe face cubes of ice tea can not be with the express irritation and dehydration of the skin, the presence of dilated blood vessels on the face, with a cold. Harm tea, iced and is used in cosmetic purposes, can cause those who suffer from diseases of the thyroid gland - to wipe the neck ice cubes in this case is not recommended. It is also not advisable to use ice tea to wipe the face in winter - directly, or one hour before leaving the premises.

Useful than black tea?

 Black tea - healthy beverage with proper brewing
 Use of the tea made from black leaf, due to their chemical composition. Black tea contains vitamins C, PP, A, B2, proteins, organic acids, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, theophylline, tannin.

Regular consumption of weak black tea helps to restore metabolism and improve blood circulation and immunity, removal of cholesterol, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, the drink has a positive effect on the digestive organs and kidneys.

As in the case of green tea, black important to be able to brew. Tea kept not more than 5 minutes. Drink a drink, which insists more than an hour is undesirable because it is oxidized, and it stand out hazardous substances.

A common habit of brewing black tea a few times harmful. It is believed that when the first brew extracted from the leaves of the order of half of nutrients, in the second - 30%, while the third - only 10%.

Contraindications black tea

Harm tea made from the leaves of black, can cause people with disorders of the nervous system, suffering from hyperexcitability. If you drink plenty of strong black tea, may develop chronic fatigue, arthritis.

In addition, after a strong tea can remain on the teeth, so you need to use it after brushing your teeth.

Drinking black tea with meals is not recommended, as well as drug and drink it.