pumpkin seeds

 Property pumpkin seeds - stabilization of blood pressure
 Pumpkin is known for its many medicinal properties and is quite rich in valuable ingredients for the human body. This vegetable is used since ancient times. Benefit greatly from a variety of useful properties of pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pulp and pumpkin oil is quite simple. It should be as often as possible to use these products in the preparation of various dishes.

First pumpkin seeds used in Latin America for the production of natural drug having strong tonic effect on the body.

The composition of pumpkin seeds

Numerous healing properties of pumpkin seeds are explained by rich composition of nutrients. They contain essential oils, essential amino acids, resins, alkaloids, flavonoids, easily digestible protein, lots of vitamins. The pumpkin seeds are very rich in vitamin E - a natural antioxidant effective, and niacin, folic acid, B vitamins There are small amounts of vitamins K, A, D and C. Their structure also includes calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese and zinc. Magnesium in these seeds is nine times greater than in sunflower seeds, and iron - quadrupled.

One hundred grams of pumpkin seeds contain 24, 5 g protein (about 100 kcal) 45 Fat 8 g (400 kcal) and 4, 7 g of carbohydrates (about 19 kcal). Squirrel in pumpkin seeds is 14% more than in the sunflower seeds.

The benefits of pumpkin seeds

The benefits of pumpkin seeds is scientifically proven. Of particular benefit pumpkin seeds have people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, since they stabilize blood pressure. It is believed that when this product is capable of angina remove pain in the heart. The unique healing properties of pumpkin seeds to help get rid of nausea during seasickness, as well as toxemia during pregnancy. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds helps to reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood. Useful properties of pumpkin seeds manifest themselves fully, if they are used in fresh or slightly dried form.

Helps pumpkin seeds at a temperature, exhaustion, dry cough, diseases of the urinary tract and stomach ulcers. Some components in the seeds have diuretic and mild laxative effect. Equally valuable property of pumpkin seeds is their ability to reduce fat separation, removes dandruff and acne.

Application of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent complement salads, sauces, vegetable stews, meat dishes, as well as the most diverse cakes. Very useful for the body oil from pumpkin seeds can complement the flavor of salads, fish and meat dishes. Great demand bread with pumpkin seeds.

In diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract to the pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds should be added at a ratio of 1: 1. To prepare the broth hundred grams of flax seeds and pumpkin mixed with water and the resulting slurry is applied to the arrangement region of the kidney.

If the corn mash with a pumpkin and make a decoction of them in the water or milk and drink it at bedtime, it is possible to get rid of insomnia.  Calorie pumpkin seeds - 400 kcal per 100 g

From raw pumpkin seeds are preparing therapeutic "Milk." Raw seeds triturated with sugar and water. This tool is used for cholecystitis, cystitis, kidney disease and hepatitis.

Gruel of pumpkin seeds can be applied to burns, wounds and other skin injuries.

From pumpkin seeds produce medicines. Tykveol - a drug based on pumpkin seed oil. It is prescribed for the treatment of metabolic disorders, diseases of the biliary tract, as well as a variety of infections, ulcers, inflammatory processes. It is also indicated for the prevention of atherosclerosis and cancer. With obesity tykveol helps to reduce weight.

Pumpkin seeds from worms

The composition of pumpkin seeds include antiparasitic cucurbitin poison. From worms pumpkin seeds should be taken on an empty stomach for three days (100 g of seeds at a time), washed down with a sufficient amount of water.

Pumpkin seeds can be eaten by worms, and in the form of slurry. To do this they need to grind and mix with water in the ratio of one to six. The resulting liquid slurry to be drink in small portions over an hour and a bit later, but not later than three hours to take any laxative. In addition to the treatment can be done enema.

Damage pumpkin seeds

Damage pumpkin seeds can not be compared with their use. However, the increased acidity of gastric juice, with an intestinal obstruction is not recommended to use this product in the food.

Considerable damage to pumpkin seeds can cause teeth as Luzganov seeds destroys tooth enamel.