Oyster sauce

Oyster sauce - the invention of Chinese cuisine is very popular in China and have worldwide product.

In the original  Oyster sauce - the invention of Chinese cuisine
 oyster sauce recipe is said that it should be prepared from the oyster meat, but given the high cost of raw materials, everywhere began to cook the sauce of oyster extract obtained from the compacted oysters.

Preparation for the sauce - canned extract, now sold in stores, so the sauce can cook exotic knowing recipe every housewife at home.

How to cook oyster sauce

To prepare the sauce, having at hand the extract is quite simple. Furthermore preform need corn or potato starch, caramelized sugar and monosodium glutamate - known and frightening many flavor enhancer, which, however, is widely distributed in China. If desired, this component can be omitted, or if it is possible to use naturally occurring glutamate, which is considerably more expensive than artificial flavor enhancer, and therefore not as popular.

To prepare the oyster sauce, mix in the pan all the above components, add a little water and kept it all on fire - evaporated. The goal - to achieve thickish consistency, like a jam. As soon as the sauce thickens, remove it from heat, cool.

After cooking, the sauce should get a thick dark brown, almost black in color with a pronounced oyster (no fish!) Taste.

Stored sauce in the refrigerator, but not for long.

What are the benefits of oyster sauce extract?

Due to the feedstock which is used for cooking the sauce, it contains proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, sugars, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, iron, and copper.

The Chinese like oyster sauce, because when it is consumed regularly promotes efficiency, improve the general condition.

Immediately after eating the sauce felt a surge of energy - is "affects" the action of glucose.

Calories 100 grams of sauce - 120 calories, which is necessary to remember those who stick to a low calorie diet.

Application of oyster sauce

Contrary to expectations, oyster sauce prefer not to serve fish dishes and seafood, and meat. It is believed that the best sauce emphasizes taste of pork, beef. In an extreme case, of course, can be charged with oyster sauce fish or chicken, served with shrimp him.

At home  Consistency oyster sauce
 sauce just to eat it even with rice, which is due to refueling turns juicy and fragrant. Generally in China oyster sauce, as well as soy, often used instead of salt.

Application of oyster sauce in cooking always involves its heat treatment. And this is connected with the fact that it tastes better so evident, though, many of the vitamins, of course, lost. In order to reduce the loss of valuable nutrients, sauce is added at the end, when the dish is almost ready.

Here is the recipe of pork with oyster sauce. To prepare the needed 300 grams of meat, 1 peach nectarine 2 slices of canned pineapple, 1 tomato, bell pepper quarter, better than red, 1 onion, 1 carrot. This is the foundation courses. A sauce to it is necessary to take 4-5 tablespoons oyster sauce 2/3 teaspoon honey, 1 clove garlic, 0, 5 teaspoon chopped ginger and dried.

Dressing for pork is prepared in advance - all the ingredients for the sauce just mixed.

Pre-cut into strips, salted and peppered pork stir fry until cooked in olive oil on a plate shift. Thereafter, in the same pan roasted carrots and onions, add to them pepper, tomato, after a while - chopped pineapple and nectarines. Vegetables and fruits are mixed, they add roasted meat sauce. Another half a minute all fried.

Vegetables - carrots and onions as well as meat, cut into strips, peach - large slices, pineapple rings - too large, in 4 parts.

As a side dish to meat perfect boiled rice.

This can be harmful oyster sauce

It is not recommended to use oyster sauce for those who suffers from diabetes or obesity. Caution should be observed when disturbed inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases.

In addition, if you are allergic to seafood, sauce used for cooking is undesirable.