Uzvar - traditional Ukrainian drink, brewed from the dried fruit, widely spread in Russia. In the old days uzvar prepared mainly on Christmas, but today he is preparing, is bought and sold at any time of year, even in summer, despite the abundance of fruits and berries, as he is not a pleasant sugary taste, and it is good thirst quencher.  Uzvar - a traditional Ukrainian Christmas drink

What are the benefits Uzvara

To prepare Uzvara used dried apples and pears, raisins. Additionally, you can take the plums, cherries, apricots, hawthorn. So, the use of Uzvara and caused beneficial properties of fruits and berries. It is known that in the dried fruit contains more minerals than the fresh fruit.

Due to the above components, with the right to uzvar its preparation, which we shall speak later, it contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, and very important for the functioning of the intestines pectin, cellulose, glucose is useful for the brain. Pears and apples are necessarily used for the beverage - are antioxidants, so drinking Uzvara allows you to view the free radicals from the body.

It is also noted that, depending on the fruit, is additionally used for the preparation of a beverage from the dried fruit uzvar reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system, increases hemoglobin improves bowel and gastrointestinal tract as a whole, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as tones, removes salts and "harmful" cholesterol.

Those who want to organize the work of the intestine, uzvar not add prunes; those with reduced immunity - hawthorn; those who suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease - apricots. By the way, if you cook uzvar in which a lot of dried apricots, and sweeten it, get an excellent diuretic with vitamins.

More uzvar known as an instrument to combat a hangover - because it invigorates, helps get rid of accumulated toxins.

How to cook dried fruit uzvar

Important role played by the method of preparation of the beverage. This is no ordinary fruit compote, which is boiled for some time after boiling water - uzvar remove from heat as soon as the water boiled with dried fruit.

Before uzvar cook, wash, if necessary, dried and soaked in water to soak them and swollen. About how soaked dried fruit, there are two opinions: you can leave them at night (as did our grandmothers), but you can only 10-15 minutes.  The recipe Uzvara

The proportions for the preparation of Uzvara by taking about 400 grams of dried fruit per 2 liters of water. Sahara is the amount of water you need to take about 250 grams, and honey - about one and a half tablespoons (50-60 grams).

There is also a recipe Uzvara which the Council prepared simply pour boiling water and dried fruit to leave them under the lid. Such a method is considered less "traumatic" for the fruits, they lose fewer vitamins. Only in this case, be sure to infuse the drink, otherwise uzvar rattled.

Uzvar traditionally seasoned with honey, when the drink cools down. Those who do not have such a possibility, or are allergic to honey, sugar can be used. It is usually sypyat in the water before it is boiled. To enhance the taste of the beverage may be using cloves, cinnamon, lemon or orange peel.

More importantly, it is sure to insist uzvar from several hours to several days. Moreover, the more he will insist the tastier and healthier.

Harm Uzvara

Precautions should be consumed drink for diabetics. They better not sweeten uzvar at all, as in fruits and so is glucose.

The rest of the uzvar only useful only if a person has an intolerance of apples, pears, raisins, etc., then it should be discarded as normal, either by Uzvara or not to use fruits and allergens in the preparation of the beverage.