Brie cheese - recipes and history of occurrence
 Any cheese as dairy products, of course, beneficial to humans. But there are varieties that are more than good for the body because they contain elements not only important, but healing. One such product - a brie cheese, covered with white bloom of a selected antibiotic - penicillin.

The composition of brie cheese

The brie cheese contains essential amino acids. They are so called because they are not synthesized in the body and nothing else is not being replaced.

Amino acids in the composition of brie cheese, and their role in the human body:

  • Tyrosine - is involved in the synthesis of important hormones: adrenaline and dopamine melanin;
  • Tryptophan - provides serotonin - anti-stress hormone;
  • Methionine - is a part of liver enzymes responsible for the neutralization of toxic substances.

Due to the high content of amino acids improved mood without doping, while gourmets recommend the brie cheese drink champagne. As the cheese can improve your mood?

Elementary. Adrenaline raises the tone, because it speeds up all processes of life. Dopamine acts directly on the pleasure center, which is located in the cerebral cortex. At the same time, the smoothing action of adrenaline melanin, eliminating unwanted effects such as high blood pressure. Serotonin digestive system adjusts to calm digestion, eliminating stress factors that contribute to the development of gastric and duodenal ulcers. Finally, methionine provides positive emotions from the process - Reception brie cheese food.

The cheese contains a sufficient amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are involved in the development of steroid hormones, including sex. Fatty acids are called only by the chemical formula - it is impossible to gain weight by eating brie, calorie is about 300 calories. According to the calculations of people who are fond of diets, the number of calories equals one glass of sweet iced tea.

Calcium is an essential trace element, due to insufficient content that provide the following organs and systems:

  • Neuromuscular transmission: lucid movement, including the use of fine motor skills. When "piece of work", for example;
  • Automatism and contractility of the heart muscle;
  • Strengthen the walls of blood vessels to prevent varicose veins and hemorrhoids;
  • Preventing the destruction of tooth enamel with the development of caries;
  • Strengthening bone - especially important for older people and athletes.

Finally, an important element of the brie cheese, which is present only in its structure, in contrast to other cheeses. It is a white plaque, which is called the mold. And the name most microbiological rather than spoken. Delicate and thin white film on the surface of the cheese is not a fungal mold growing on damp walls and subtle framework within which mature fine mycelia. They also are precursors of penicillin. Pharmacological effect of mold film is much lower than that of solutions and tablets of penicillin, but it is sufficient to suppress the activity of S. aureus in tramp food.

Brie Cheese Recipes

Recipes brie cheese developed in the province of the same name in France during the time of Louis dynasty. To date, similar technology soft brie cheese prepared as in other European countries and even in the United States. The Americans, as they tend to use all sorts of improvements and modifications: add mushrooms, nuts, herbs. However, according to the recipe brie cheese made only in France.

All recipes brie cheese are not commercial secrets, but their exact repetition does not provide such taste and beneficial properties. The fact that this product is prepared by hand from the raw material (cow's milk) obtained in France. American or holmogorskaja cow gives the same milk in composition, but not the quality. Grass in other parts of the world is somewhat different. Additionally, after separation of serum, and its salt are placed in special silos. They contain the necessary and fungi that turn into white film on the surface of the cheese.

The finished product is stored in a refrigerator before use and be sure to allow time to warm up to room temperature. Only after this product has a unique flavor, reminiscent of nuts. These recipes brie cheese, a product not only exotic, but also the most useful.

Additional properties of soft brie cheese

Brie cheese is useful not only important substances that it contains, but also the absence of ingredients that are harmful or potentially harmful to health. So, in the soft cheese brie no glucose, allowing diabetics to eat it. Also, due to the impact of mold film, the main element of dairy products - lactose - is ingested in a bound state. This fact can not go unnoticed for people who can not tolerate milk, and weakly acidic dairy products.

everything is good in moderation

Relatively low calorie brie cheese is not enough to be limited to one piece of the whole day. However, increasing the dose does not cover the cost of energy, on the contrary, increases the load on the body.

Contained in the noble rot mycelium penicillin dangerous to people who can not tolerate these antibiotics. Admission to eat small amounts of cheese mold can trigger an allergic reaction.

Persons suffering from goiter, cheese is also contraindicated. Additional income antibiotic, even if his predecessor, exacerbating the disease. Normal intestinal microflora perishes, and conditionally pathogenic bacteria proliferate due to the active divisions. However, dysbiosis - a temporary condition. After his treatment contraindications to eating cheese mold removed.

 Brie cheese - calorie, nutritional value
 Delicate, soft brie cheese is recommended for people who are exposed to sunlight: the beaches. Express production of melatonin protects the skin from sunburn. Man resting tan falls evenly, the mood remains high because such a little like eating brie cheese, solves the problem of acquisition of sunblock and the effects of sunburn. At the same time, excessive consumption of cheese mold leads to intestinal disorders due to exposure to the noble mold containing precursor penicillin.

Brie cheese, exotic or everyday life?

Gourmet brie cheese mold has been a favorite delicacy of the French kings, who respected him and used on holidays. Today we have an opportunity to file a royal dish to the table, as a great triumph, and as a private breakfast. The high price compensates for pleasure guaranteed brie, calorie is not a concern for the safety of the figures. Yet, blue cheese - is not a simple fermented milk product, but a kind of medicine and the dosage it is not recommended to exceed.