Silver carp

Average (or white) carp is a large-sized fish belonging to the carp family. Silver carp  Silver carp - fish of the carp family
 It lives in the Amur River basin, well acclimatized in Central Asia and the European part of our country. In the south, the fish is not found, although attempts have been made, due to the fact that carp roe pelagic.

Adults reach an average length of 1 meter, and their weight is about 40 kg. In the winter the fish are hiding in deep holes where deep sleep.

The body is covered with small scales carp silver, as the food he prefers phytoplankton, due to what is considered beautiful land improvement reservoirs. Have filter mouthparts allow carp filter zatsvetshuyu and murky water, so he often runs into reservoirs as an additional filtration system. Silver carp has a massive head, eyes which are slightly below the midline of the mouth and the body, which creates a feeling of revulsion at the first sight of him.

Cooks prefer large individuals because in the small fish are high in sharp stones, which is characteristic of all types of the carp family. Large specimens tend to measure the presence of fat, fillet, which is used in the preparation of soups, frying, baking.

Preparation of carp

Silver carp is a perfect option for those who wish to keep the normal shape and health, but it is not used to sacrifice the taste of dishes. Indeed, juiciness, softness and tenderness of the fish fillets are not reflected in the content of calories carp. With all the obvious advantages of gastronomic calorie fish equals only 86 kcal per 100 g This is a large part of the protein - a little more than 19 grams, carbohydrates are absent, and the fat content tends to zero, and is 0, 2 years

Method of preparation carp there are so many. Fish taxing on the heat treatment method, because a set of dishes based on it is very wide.

So, it is very famous for its flavor bag of carp. For its preparation will need:

  • 100 g of carp;
  • 100 g of onions;
  • 1 tsp tomato paste;
  • 250 g of cucumber;
  • 50 g butter;
  • 200 g of pickled plums;
  • 50 g celery root;
  • half a lemon;
  • salt, spices and herbs to taste.

In a prepared boiling fish broth add celery, browned onions, sliced ​​poached cucumbers, peeled and seeds, as well as tomato paste. Future hodgepodge cook at low heat for 8-10 minutes. Serve with a slice should be boiled carp, garnish with lemon, pickled plums and herbs.

Another way of preparing carp - with eggplant. Often, a diet, we have to give up fried fish due to its caloric value. However, due to low content of calories carp fish fry can be easily and too fat it will not. So, for the carp with eggplants need:

  • half a kilo of eggplant;
  • 600 g of carp;
  • 200 g of tomato paste;
  • 50 grams of the roots of celery and parsley;
  • water;
  • 60 g onions;
  • 150 g butter;
  • a little bit of vegetable oil;
  • salt, ground black pepper, citric acid and sugar to taste.

Eggplant previously parboiled, cut into slices, roll in flour and fry in after oil. Purified carp and cut into pieces a la carte, dip them in flour and fry in vegetable oil. When the two main ingredients are ready, it is necessary in a separate bowl put a layer of eggplant,  Preparation of carp
 top - a layer of fish, then pour design red sauce and add the greens with crushed garlic.

The red sauce is prepared as follows: root parsley, celery and onions should fry with tomato paste, adding a little water. Get a lot of cook on low heat for half an hour. By adding the sauce, salt, sugar, citric acid and pepper, strain through a sieve. Pureed vegetables and butter and add to the sauce.

Very unusual and amazingly tasty snack obtained from carp roe. For its preparation will need:

  • 50 g pre-salted carp roe;
  • 1 small onion;
  • 2 slices white bread or loaf;
  • 150 ml of water or milk;
  • half a lemon;
  • 150 ml of olive oil.

Onion grind into mush using a blender or grater. The pulp is separated from the bread crusts, add water or milk gently squeeze. Both ingredients to add to the calf. With the blender resulting mass should be beating at high speed, gradually and slowly add the oil. Once the eggs acquire air consistency, add lemon juice, without stopping the blender. Appetizer ready!