Cream of tartar

The name of tartar sauce was in honor of the Tatar people, thanks to a few burning and piquant flavor that  The consistency of the sauce tartare
 the French have always been associated with hot temper and sharp swords.

Description tartar sauce

Tartarus - a classic cold sauce, belonging to the French cuisine. The composition of the tartar sauce includes egg yolk, hard-boiled, vegetable oil and green onions. This sauce is one of the most common worldwide due to a sharp piquant taste.

In our time, tartar sauce can easily be purchased at any supermarket. But it will be much tastier, of course, if you cook it at home. Cook it quite easily. To do this, cooked egg yolk finely grind, mix it with black pepper, lemon juice (or wine vinegar), add salt. After that, drop by drop pour vegetable oil (preferably olive suit) until a homogeneous mass, which in the end pour finely chopped green onions. In addition, the main base in the tartar sauce recipe, you can add garlic, parsley, pickles, olives, dry mustard, tarragon, capers and others.

The easiest option tartare can be prepared by mixing the mayonnaise with spring onions and boiled egg yolk.

The recipe tartar sauce is one important feature: the finished basis of vegetable oil and egg yolks remaining ingredients are added is not ground to a homogeneous mass, but simply cut into small pieces. Have just pieces of vegetables and other ingredients is the main distinctive feature and the main highlight of Tartarus. Sauce in the refrigerator should not be stored for more than two days and if it poured in a glass jar, tightly close the lid and put in a cool place, the shelf life can be increased up to one week.

What products use cream of tartar?

Most tartar sauce comes to fried fish. He seemed designed specifically to decorate and set off the taste is fish dishes. Perfectly with pungent sauce seafood - shrimp, squid, octopus, lobsters.

It does not hurt tartare fried meat, steak, roast beef and cold fries. You can add the sauce and a variety of vegetable dishes - he just give them new colors.


For the first time in Europe on Tartarus heard in the 19th century. According to one legend, the sauce was not invented by the French, and the Tatars. This legend comes from the name of Tabasco, which in French means "sauce tartare."

But according to reliable historical sources, came up with this spicy seasoning is French. Local chefs in those days liked to give sauces names associated with geographic locations. Thus, sharp and pungent sauce got its name in honor of the Tatar people, who, as you know, has a hot and violent temper.

The composition of the tartar sauce and its beneficial properties

In addition to the ability to complement the taste of the dish, with whom he served, tartar sauce has many useful properties due to the ingredients that are part of tartar sauce.

As you know, the egg yolk has a high nutritional value and excellent digested in any form. In its structure there are many useful components - about 15 minerals and 13 vitamins. The egg yolk is present a lot of magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, potassium, sodium, calcium and chlorine. In large quantities it is present in vitamin B12, are involved in the blood, vitamin B1, plays no small role in the full-fledged functioning of the nervous system and the metabolism of vitamin E - the natural antioxidant,  Cream of tartar in a package
 which protects cells from damage, enhances immunity and emotional stamina, strengthens muscles. In addition, lutein is present in the yolk, useful for vision, choline, which takes part in protein and fat metabolism, a positive effect on the nervous system, melatonin, taking part in the formation of new cells and rejuvenation process.

Many scientists have confirmed that the yolk components strengthen the immune system, bones and joints, improve brain function and prevent the development of cataracts.

Other ingredients included in the tartar sauce, also have a number of valuable properties. For example, olive oil out of the body cholesterol promotes bone. It is useful for the digestive organs, and has anti-atherosclerotic and immune-stimulating properties.

Green onions, in turn, nourishes the body with zinc and other substances that strengthen the heart muscle and blood vessels walls.


Unfortunately, the egg yolk contains a high amount of cholesterol, so it is not recommended to use the sauce over people with atherosclerosis or hypertension.