Sour cream

Sour cream - a highly fermented milk product obtained by fermentation of cream with lactic acid bacteria.  Smetana home

Methods for the preparation of sour cream

By way of preparation of the cream is separated into gladyshkovuyu and separator. Gladyshkovaya cream - a top layer taken from fat sour milk. The separator is made from sour cream separated from the milk with a fat separator. The resulting cream was cooled and pasteurized. Thereafter, they are mixed with leaven - creamy and lactic streptococci bacteria aromatobrazuyuschimi. After a few days from the mixture by crystallization and solidification of animal fat and swelling of the proteins produced from typical cream texture and taste. Fat cream may range from 10 to 58%.

Known method of cooking cream without maturation. To this chilled cream to be mixed with a solution of citric acid and gelatin. The resulting mass is left in a cool place until thickening.

In dairies cream is made from a special leaven and pasteurized milk or cream. According to the established quality standards as part of the dairy product must contain only yeast and cream or milk. However, some manufacturers for making cream additionally used emulsifiers, vegetable fats, preservatives, and other compensating components.

Useful properties of sour cream

Although cream and apply to fat products, but contains much less cholesterol than butter. According to its beneficial properties is not inferior sour cream and milk. Moreover, this product is absorbed much better than milk and cream, without burdening the stomach, superbly rich and stimulating digestion. Use sour cream is the presence within it of valuable protein milk containing digestible fats, dairy sugar and essential amino acids.

Sour cream contains essential vitamins E, A, B12, B2, C, PP, as well as macro- and micronutrients, organic acid. Due to the high content of calcium, cream beneficial for strengthening and growth of bones.

Furthermore, the use of cream in that it contains lecithin, solubilizing cholesterol. That is why it is considered an excellent preventive measure against atherosclerosis.

Useful properties of sour cream, to some extent due to its probiotic action. The beneficial microorganisms in the product prevents the growth of putrefactive intestinal flora, thus contributing to reproduction and growth of beneficial bacteria for the body.  Sour cream 20% fat

Sour cream stimulates physical and mental activity. Because of the high fat content, it is often used for anemia and exhaustion. Regular use of this product with honey or sugar helps to improve mood. The period of rehabilitation after surgery or disease is recommended to use sour cream with the addition of sugar or salt.

This dairy product is often used as a healing agent for sunburn. To soften the skin and relieve pain lubricate the affected skin with a thin layer of sour cream.

Sour cream is widely used in cooking to prepare various dishes, as well as an effective cosmetic products. With the use of this product may be prepared baths, compresses, various masks. They will help to relieve tension and restore skin elasticity.

Eat sour cream is recommended in the morning - from ten to fourteen hours. Use of the product at a later time can lead to an exacerbation of chronic liver disease.

Nutritional value and calorie sour cream

Calorie cream depends on its fat content. Calorie smetany10% fat content is 119 kcal, 30% fat - 293 calories.

Sour cream contains 10% fat 2, 7 g protein, 10 g carbohydrate, and 3 and 9 grams of fat. Product 30 contains 2% fat, 3 g protein, 30 g carbohydrate, and 3, 1 g of fat.

Hazardous properties of sour cream

Cream will benefit only in moderation. Excessive consumption of fermented milk product can disrupt the body's metabolism.

Because of the high acidity of the cream is not recommended to use for gastritis, ulcer stomach and intestines, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is undesirable to use the cream together with potatoes, bread and cereals.

Storage conditions sour cream

Since sour relates to perishable products should be stored in a cool place at a temperature of from -2 to +8 ° C. In the freezer the product loses its beneficial properties.

Keep the cream should be only in a glass container. Storage life - not more than five days.