Kefir - a fermented milk beverage produced from melted cow's milk as a result of lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation. As a result, long longing concentration of useful components in milk increases because of it all the liquid is evaporated. Prolonged heat treatment of the product eliminates all pathogenic bacteria.  Kefir - a fermented milk product

Kefir has a uniform cream color. Fresh drink has a smooth consistency without lumps. Analogues of this useful product can be considered katyk (Tatar national dish), yoghurt (drink Georgian) matsun (Armenian drink), Leben (fermented milk drink in Egypt).

Recipe preparation of sour milk

Recipe preparation of sour milk was invented in Ukraine. Kefir can be regarded as a kind of natural yogurt (without any flavors). Earlier this natural product is prepared in a well-heated oven. To prepare the milk sour milk mixed with sour cream and put in the oven. Milk is not brought to a boil and maintained the temperature at which it is allocated and moisture getting fatter and thicker.

Currently, this product at home were prepared using Lactobacillus acidophilus and kefir grains.

The composition and caloric content of sour milk

The composition of the fermented milk product is identical to the set of components that make up the warm milk. But it is much better digested fermented baked milk ghee.

Use sour milk for the human body due to its composition. This drink contains a significant amount of important substances for human health. Thus, one hundred grams of the beverage contained 89 g of ashes, 8 mg of cholesterol, 4, 2 mg of mono- and disaccharides, 1, 5 g saturated fatty acids and 0, 9 g of organic acids. In every one hundred grams of product contain 0, 8 mg of vitamin PP, 0, 3 mg of vitamin C, 0, 13 mg of vitamin B2, 0, 02 mg vitamin B1, 22 mg vitamin A, 0, 01 mg beta-carotene. The beverage contains 124 mg of calcium, 146 mg potassium, 92 mg phosphorus, 50 mg of sodium and 29 mg of sulfur.

Calorie sour milk depends on the fat content of the milk from which it is made. Thus, one hundred grams of sour milk prepared from whole milk home, will contain from 75 to 100 calories.

The production scale is available ryazhenka different fat content (from diet, sour milk 1%, to more than 6% of nutritious product). If the package contains the fat content of 2%, a hundred grams of the product contains 54 calories, and at 4% fat - 76 calories. But any caloric ryazhenka has a truly unique properties. It is extremely useful for the human body.

Use sour milk

Ryazhenka perfectly quenches thirst and hunger. A glass of flavored dairy drink contains 20% of the daily requirement of phosphorus and 25% of the daily requirement for calcium. A milk fat contained in sour milk, improves the absorption of calcium. With regular use of the drink helps to strengthen bones and teeth. Therefore, a huge favor ryazhenka can bring not only adults, but also children's body. A huge number of lactic acid bacteria is very beneficial effect on the digestive process. The result of the activity of bacteria in the fermented baked accumulate useful for human organism active compounds - Free amino acids, antibiotic substances, enzymes.

It is useful to use the milk product in atherosclerosis, diseases of internal organs, biliary tract.

The drink is often used as a cosmetic. On the basis of sour milk prepared masks for hair and body scrubs, nourishing bath. The mask of sour milk with lemon juice tones and with oat flakes - relieves irritation.  Recipe preparation of sour milk

Harm ryazhenka

Possible risk of harm sour milk can not be excluded in gastritis with high acidity and gastric ulcer.

Considerable damage ryazhenka can bring for allergies to milk protein.

Use of sour milk in cooking

In cooking this delicious drink is used as an essential component for the preparation of cakes, pancakes, fritters. Ryazhenka well with a majority of fruits and berries.

Do not combine this product with eggs, poultry, fish, meat and other protein sources.

Natural fermented baked milk can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than five days.