Puffer fish

The famous Japanese proverb says: "A fool who eats fish fugu, but who did not eat it - an even bigger fool. Puffer fish has many other names - fahak, diodont, puffer fish and a dog. It is used for not only the most expensive and delicious Japanese cuisine, but also deadly.  Puffer fish - fish that contains a deadly poison

Poison puffer fish to which no antidote

Set lunch prepared from puffer fish, worth about a thousand dollars. For this amount you may like to enjoy delicious delicacies and painfully die. The thing is that this fish contains a deadly poison nerve agents action - tetradotoksin. It is 400 times more toxic than strychnine and 10 times more dangerous than curare. Only one fish is capable of killing more than 35 people. Fatal poisoning can get even just touching the very innards of poisonous puffer fish. Tetradotoksin paralyzes all the muscles of the human body, including the respiratory muscles, resulting in respiratory arrest occurs, and death. Antidote to this poison there. The only way to save the victim is a fast his hospitalization in an intensive care unit and connection to a respirator.

Responsibility cooks

Going to a restaurant and eat fish fugu planning, you should understand that completely hand in his life skill cook. For a long time in Japan were banned even in the fishing of this fish. Only in 1958 the government allowed to submit its restaurants, with the proviso that the preparation of the puffer fish will be engaged only by specially trained chefs who have a special license. To obtain this license, they are long enough training and then take an exam, which must be prepared to eat their own fish. Earlier in Japan was even an unspoken law that in case of death of the client of the restaurant chef was obliged to commit ritual suicide (seppuku).

Fish Fugue: cooking

 Sashimi of puffer fish
 Cutting this fish is the real art. Very fast movement should be separated fins cut mouthparts, and then open the belly. Then carefully remove all internal organs, which are the most poisonous parts of the fugu fish.

Fillet cut into thin slices and washed thoroughly with running water, removing from them the remnants of poison and traces of blood.

For the preparation of the puffer fish sashimi (Fugusashi) a large and beautiful dish spread slices of raw fish, creating one or pearl color landscape image of a butterfly, a bird. Sliced ​​filet eat fugu, dipping them in a vinegar sauce (ponzu) or a mixture of red pepper and grated radish (Momiji-watering).

Fugusushi is only the first course "complex" dinner. After he served soup made from puffer fish and rice, seasoned with raw egg (fugue-zosui). And on the second dish - grilled fish fugu.

Pieces of fish should be fed chef offers in a very specific order. Begin with the least toxic and more delicious dorsal part. The closer to the ventral portion, the more meat contains poison. One of the main challenges is the need to cook monitor the status of a restaurant, not to let eat them more safe dose.

An experienced cook in the preparation of the puffer fish leaves it as poison to cause consumers easily poisoning, manifested by minor drug euphoria. According to gourmets, to try fugu fish, as the consumption of food from it have appeared paralyzing wave. It lies in the fact that people lose the ability to move his legs, then his arms and jaws, the very last moment. The ability to retain only the movement of the eyeball. But after a few moments, it begins in the reverse order to recover muscle tone. It is believed that the people and go to the grave risk it in order to survive this time of "resurrection".