Plum - a fruit plant growing in the northern temperate zone. In nature there are 36 different types of plums. Biologists believe  Plum - fruit plant
 that it appeared by crossing turn and plum, these findings are supported by experiments conducted and genetic research.

Plum is widely cultivated in Russia and is known for excellent taste of the fruit. Also widely known for its beneficial influence human health. Through forming part of the trace elements, vitamins and nutrients draining helps maintain good health and normalizes the various body systems.

Use plum

Use plum is largely due to the richness of vitamin P, as well as substances with a similar action of this vitamin. Strong blood vessels and normal blood pressure - this is exactly what is responsible for what vitamin P. It is particularly important that this vitamin is stored in the processing and plums. Thermal treatment only slightly reduces the amount of vitamin P in manufactured products.

But some vitamins is not limited to the use of sinks. It is rich in potassium salts, trace elements that are necessary for normal functioning of the heart, and are regulators of acid-base balance in cells, tissues and organs. Potassium improves the removal of excess fluid from the body, and promotes bile production. In 100 grams of prunes contains up to 214 milligrams of potassium, which corresponds to 10% of the daily requirement of this trace element for normal human activity.

Plums and its dried fruits (prunes) have a mild laxative effect and is recommended for constipation and drain in case of problems with the functioning of the intestine. Excess cholesterol in the blood can also be reduced by eating juices and stewed plums. This also normalized numbers of blood pressure and reduces the risk of arrhythmia.

Metabolic disorders, thrombosis, rheumatism, edema, impaired gastric secretion, kidney disease, liver and gall bladder - this is not a complete list of violations for which fully discloses all good plum.

It is important to remember that, like any herb, drain requires the right approach to cooking. For example, if you drink prune juice, that will be noticeable easy laxative effect. If the plum (prune or better) pour boiling water and drink this infusion, then there likely will be a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver and heart. True recipe will help you choose the best option for a particular disease.

Dried fruits plums (prunes) have a very pronounced beneficial properties and are easy to prepare. Dried plums will allow year-round to benefit from the use of this plant and prune the preparation of various dishes. Cake with prunes, fruit, and just do dried fruits are an excellent complement to the winter feast.

Fresh plums are also very useful. To improve mood and well being recommended to eat in the morning a few plums, and during the day a little more.

Lotions from broth  Plum jam
 plum leaves can be used to accelerate the healing of wounds and cuts. Furthermore, the leaves contain substances that prevent the formation of blood clots in the vessel wall.

Calories plums

Calories plums is 42 kcal per 100 grams of fruit. Considering the average person's need for energy, it is possible to say that the moderate consumption of plums in the diet will not adversely affect body weight.

Contraindications to the use of plum

Prunes do not use in diabetes and obesity. Toddlers plums can trigger rumbling and abdominal pain, diarrhea and other digestive disorders, so they should be cautious to recommend plum.

Taking into account the figures of caloric plums, its use should be restricted and obese people prone to obesity. Prune juice adversely affects gout.