Pork heart

Pork heart - it is a byproduct that remains after butchering animal carcasses, and that is used for the preparation of the first, second courses, including diet.  Pork heart - a byproduct of which is prepared salads, appetizers, sauces and gravies

What is the use of pig heart

As you know, meat and offal, including pork, contain priceless human and practically irreplaceable material. In particular, in the heart contains vitamins of the B complex, proteins, amino acids, phosphorus, calcium, copper and zinc.

Eating properly cooked pork dishes from the heart improves hemoglobin levels, treatment of anemia, keeping a weakened organism after diseases of the nervous nature, kidney disease and other long-term and serious diseases, after surgery, injury or burns.

Turning pig hearts periodically in your diet is important for those who care about the full and varied diet of his family. This byproduct is useful for athletes, growing teenagers, those who constantly perform physically demanding work.

Calorie pig heart is 100 calories, which once again proves that it belongs to the dietary products.

How to cook a dish of pig heart

To begin tell you how to prepare a byproduct for further cooking.

Heart cut along cut from a film accurately and blood vessels, thoroughly washed in running water to remove blood clots.

Peeled and washed the heart is put into a pot of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes, then remove it, rinse with boiled water - so it is to remove the coagulated protein. The cloudy broth is poured, wash the pan and put it back pork heart, pour boiling water prepared in advance.

Because the heart - a muscle, it's pretty tough, so it should cook for about 1, 5 hours. It is important to follow the foam, pour, and change the water every 30 minutes. Not all, preparing the heart, often poured water - so should you do if you need a clear broth. If this goal is not, you can only change the water once and constantly remove the foam.

To increase the level of hemoglobin and recuperation after an illness, injury or surgery, doctors recommend eating chopped roasted or fried pork until half heart. This can be done only if there is confidence that the animal was healthy. Otherwise, the benefits will be greater if the heart to bring to full readiness.

From pig heart can be prepared salads, sauces and gravy, fried. The broth remaining after cooking byproduct, can be boiled vegetables or beans to garnish boiled to heart. With him go perfectly beans, potatoes, leeks, cabbage.

You can prepare the salad of boiled pig hearts, fried mushrooms, pickled onions. All components are mixed and poured mayonnaise.  Calorie pig heart - 100 calories per 100 grams

This salad has high nutritional and taste qualities, but those who are dieting, it is better to cook the dish in which to fully express the use of pig hearts. A byproduct of better cook or bake, do not water with vinegar, try less salt.

Those who want to use a low calorie pig heart for their own benefit, we recommend you replace the recipe for marinated grilled mushrooms, and instead pour mayonnaise salad with sunflower oil.

You can cook pork stew heart. Raw offal, carrots and onions cut into pieces, fried a bit, until golden brown in vegetable oil, are laid in utyatnitsu, filled with water. It is possible to add a mixed flour tomato paste, spices (after the water boils). In general, the heart of stewed pork hour. During cooking, when held 40 minutes, can be added to the vegetables and cheese heart, and another 20 minutes to extinguish. Serve this dish of pig hearts hot with greens. As a side dish you can use boiled rice or boiled potatoes crushed.


The damage can cause the heart pork only if you take it, or stale, knowing good provider, readability heart bad heat treatment. It may also affect idiosyncrasy.

Those who suffer from inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, should eat only boiled heart.