Pork tongue

Since ancient  Swine language is considered a by-product
   since the meat - the most popular component of the daily diet of a person. Pork - one of the most common types of meat. In pork contains considerable amounts of zinc, iron, and amino acids, vitamin (especially B12). Proteins pork closest to the natural protein. Due to its useful components pork is considered an indispensable product that helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and the development of physical health. Red meat is considered to be useful, because it has less cholesterol than chicken or beef. Moreover, this type of meat contains myoglobin which is responsible for the movement of oxygen to muscles.

Swine language is considered a by-product of the first category. According to the nutritional value of this delicacy is second only to the meat of the first grade. Weight per pig tongue varies from 250 to 450 grams. It has a delicate structure and a pleasant taste, so this product enjoys stable demand.

The composition and caloric content of pork tongue

One hundred grams of the product contained 65, 1 ml of water, 50 mg of cholesterol, 5 mg of one saturated fatty acid and 1 g of ashes.

Swine language - the supplier of valuable biologically active substances such as B vitamins, vitamins E and PP, potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese, iron, cobalt.

Caloric pork tongue is 208 kcal per hundred grams of product. Of these proteins account for 34 kcal from fat - 115 calories, carbohydrates - 59 kcal. Such a composition provides 10% of the necessary calories from the daily norm.

Use pork tongue

Use porcine language not only in that it acts as an excellent source of biologically active substances, but also that it is also a valuable delicacy supplier protein in the human body. Language is shown in use in teenagers period of active growth, athletes, people who have suffered serious injuries. Properly prepared language perfectly and baby food. The undeniable benefits of pork tongue for people suffering from anemia, kidney diseases, infectious diseases, as well as after frostbite and burns.

Harm pork

Since language contains large amounts of cholesterol, it is contraindicated in atherosclerosis. In humans, the fat of the product is converted into cholesterol. But cholesterol is known to contribute to the appearance of fatty plaques and increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Contraindicated use of pork tongue and liver diseases, as well as cholecystitis, and gastritis. In pork, including language, contains a considerable amount of histamine, provoking various allergic reactions, often leading to the development of eczema, dermatitis, flegnom, abscesses and thrombophlebitis and appendicitis.

Methods for the preparation of pork tongue

There are many recipes pork tongue. Basically it is cold appetizers, aspic, salads. However, those who follow the figure, do not abuse this product. High-calorie pork tongue contributes to the appearance of unwanted extra kilos.

Before  Cooking pork tongue
   boiling this delicacy soaked in water as raw with a very bad skin removed. In pigs language specific taste, so it's important to cook it properly. Language boil under the lid tightly closed for about three hours, c by the addition of parsley root, bay leaf and onion. The resulting broth is called Ram. Ram is very nutritious and useful. At the same time replace the water every half hour to cook. After boiling the finished product is dipped in cold water for a few seconds to a partial cooling and then skinned. Ram can strain through cheesecloth and stored in the refrigerator. To the table pork tongue is best served with grated horseradish and vinegar.

Boiled tongue can be used in a variety of salads, add to the mushrooms and asparagus, or to make on its basis meat rolls or sausage home. Ram can also be used to prepare the filling, homemade noodles and other dishes.

If the language is baked in foil or package, then clean it only after cooking. After baking, cool slightly tongue is removed from his skin.

With delicacy smoked skin is very easily removed. If bad skin is removed, the language is still not boil.