Chinese Pu-Erh tea has a long history. As you know, the first time his appearance marked the east Chi Hai-Tibet Plateau in the kingdom of Shu in III century BC The famous tea made from tea leaves of adult trees that grow on the plateau. Compliance with the specific processing technology, which improved over the centuries, and long aging process, gave this tea with unusual properties. The specific effect of Puer Tea is expressed as a tonic and healing effect on the human body, but also the judges take into account the multifaceted special taste and aroma of the beverage.  Pressed Chinese tea pu-erh

Made by traditional technology Puer is a rarity. It belongs to valuable collectible varieties of tea, the cost of which can reach the entire state. Currently preparing for his use of modern technology accelerated. Although the drink becomes quite close and the taste and quality to the very rare Puer tea, connoisseurs say that it can not be compared with a drink made of ancient technology. Nevertheless, modern pu-erh tea has an effect on the body quite strong and therefore used for health purposes, for example, currently popular Puer tea for weight loss, as we'll discuss next.

Chinese researchers about the properties of Pu-erh tea

In China, Pu-erh effect of both short and long, studied in the framework of the national program for the preservation of health. Including the study conducted most serious institutions and outstanding scientists, and the results of their work is quite impressive.

In particular, Chinese researchers have noted a significant improvement in the intestine as a result of regular consumption of tea, the normalization of peristalsis, restoring the balance of microflora. However, despite the increase in the evacuation function of the intestine drinking Puer acute poisoning is not recommended.

Regular drinking Pu-erh reduces the viscosity of the blood that is necessary for people who are concerned about related issues, in particular, is not a rare disease, such as varicose veins and concomitant thrombophlebitis.

Chinese scientists also noted property Puer tea to lower blood sugar levels and normalize cholesterol levels, which ensures reliable prevention of atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease and other pathological conditions of the cardiovascular system. The antioxidant properties of Pu-erh tea can recommend it as a means of preventing cancer and premature aging.

China also believed that Puer suppresses nausea, relieves headaches and helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Is Pu-erh tea for weight loss?

Often you can hear that taking Puer causes intense oxidation of fats in the body, so it began to include in the different diet programs for weight loss. However, after careful study it was found that this is not true, and no special influence on the fat metabolism does not have tea. The only effect of Pu-erh tea for weight loss - is the ability to slightly reduce the feeling of hunger in between meals. This property Puer tea helps prevent snacking, which are often a major cause of weight gain. Existing reviews of Pu-erh tea from people trying to lose weight with it, according to its effectiveness only in combination with diet.

Thus, combined with careful control of diet, as well as the overall positive effects on the digestive tract, Pu-erh tea for weight loss can be effective, although not to the extent as promoted.

When Puer recommended

Despite the fact that this drink is considered to be a cure for many diseases, there are cases where it is not recommended to use. So, doctors are advised to refrain from the use of Puer during pregnancy. Its effect on the body of the pregnant woman and the fetus is not known, so the risk is not worth it.

Like many tonics, should not take this tea on an empty stomach, although it is less irritating to the mucous membrane of the digestive tract than, say, green tea. However, the irritating effect of Puer Tea is known, precisely because its use is contraindicated in gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, ulcerative colitis and other lesions of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.

Also, the reason for the refusal of the drink should serve as the presence of stones in the gallbladder or kidney. The fact that pu-erh tea is a strong choleretic and diuretic beverage that allow the movement of the stones and the emergence of an attack of colic.  Pu-erh tea - a strong choleretic and diuretic drink

There are reviews of Pu-erh, notes that it has an adverse impact on the status of view in certain diseases of the eye.

You can not drink Puer at a fever, since it does not contribute to the expansion of blood vessels and lowering body temperature and can lead to dehydration, it is undesirable in a given state.

What explains the popularity of Puer

Currently, this drink is incredibly popular in the community, thanks in part to do the healing properties of tea Puer, partly due to the view of its ability to normalize weight and a certain exoticism.

Almost all of the reviews are positive Puer tea, people who entered it in your diet, note a significant improvement in overall health, increasing vitality, leveling the psycho-emotional state, normalization of sleep and wakefulness.

An important role in the popularity of tea plays his taste - bitter, leaving sweet aftertaste. Puer good as a coffee substitute for people accustomed to its tonic effect, as a tonic, and some reviews of Pu-erh tea is said about it, as an excellent means protivopohmelnom.