Sole - fish from the family Soleevyh that looks like a flounder: in the same language of the sea flattened  Sole - fish family Soleevyh
 body, and the eyes are also located on one side. But different sole dimensions - it rarely grows more than 30 cm in length.

Scales in the sea of ​​language is hard, small, gray-brown.

Other names of fish - European solea or fish and salt, she lives in subtropical and tropical seas. Imports European solea in Russia most of the Vietnam - fresh, salted, dried, frozen or smoked.

Very popular is the sole fillets, cooked meals out of it in many countries.

Appreciate the sole of the juiciness and tenderness of its meat and, of course, for the nutritional value.

We have often intentionally or mistakenly confused with the sole pangasius. But they belong to different families and is considered a cheaper Pangasius river fish, which, in contrast to the sea of ​​language, can hardly be called a delicacy. Pangasius in Russia often sold in a thick shell of ice, his fillet of sole fillets different pink color, although there are white wonton. In this case one can determine a fish Pangasius by the fact that the plate fillet has a more narrow.

Benefits of sole

Sole rich in iodine, fluorine, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B, D, E, proteins, fatty acids.

Of great importance to man are amino acids and acid taurine, which were also found in the sole fillets.

Eating fish dishes and salt to avoid high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, psoriasis, improve metabolism, the condition of blood vessels, eliminate toxins.

Hostess, who know the secrets of making maritime language, provide yourself and your family prevention of cancer, thyroid problems, bone.

Regular inclusion of sole in your diet ensures a good appetite - fish contributes to the secretion of gastric juice.

Calorie Maritime language (fresh) is 88 calories. This is despite the fact that his filet enough fat and nutritious.

Subtleties preparation of sole

Today the sole on the table are not uncommon. It is noteworthy that the fish is prepared in different countries differently, but the general rule is to choose a method of preparation of sole depending on the size of the fish. From the large fish is cooked soups, it is divided into portions that are fried or baked. Medium sized fish and salt for a couple of great turns. Small fish is better to bake the whole.

Most often, the kitchen to our mistresses gets frozen sole fillets. And it must be able to handle - the fish is thawed in cold water and preferably in the refrigerator. It is believed that when defrosting at room temperature, the use of sole is partially lost, in addition, it may be deformed fillets.

Defrost  Sole in cooking
 filet not completely only until when it is already possible to cut with a knife. Small pieces of fillet salt, pepper to taste, crumble in flour and fry. Another secret - roast fillet of sole need fast, on frying pan, no more than 14 minutes (of both sides).

Since the meat of sole fat enough after frying it has to be dried on a paper napkin.

Not bad is it if the fry sole fillets in batter - Beat the eggs with the flour, add salt and spices, roll pieces of fish in this mixture and fry in hot oil.

You can use bread crumbs for frying fillets.

Fish and salt is best served with sauce. With sea tongue perfectly combined butter, mixed with tangerine or lemon juice.

To garnish no special requirements.

Those who regularly develops various diets for weight loss, has already noted that the caloric maritime language is the best fit in the diet menu. Of course, the better the fish steamed in this case, but, judging by the reviews, even the salt it should not be enough to fill the lemon juice.


Much good has been said about the sole, but a little can ruin his reputation as its origin. As mentioned, most of the fish imported from Vietnam, where relevant to the ecology is poor. The meat of the sea of ​​language often found heavy metals, toxins, bacteria, so it is even forbidden to sell in some parts of Europe.

To benefited sole, you need to be interested in where he was introduced, to pay attention to the appearance of the fish, if bought whole and fresh. It should be thick scales, elastic body, red gills.

Those who are allergic to fish and fish products, trying sole with caution. Unprofitable fish to those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by high acidity of gastric juice.