Mate is a tonic, which is prepared from the dried crushed leaves, twigs and dust Paraguayan holly. The whole world, he is known as the largest value of South America.  The crushed leaves of holly tea mate

Mate - tea?

Mate is one of the most ancient beverages humanity extant. There are documents proving the popularity of the mat at the Mayan. Classic mate tea is most useful to include twigs and dust, which contain a lot of valuable substances for the human body. One mateine ​​- mild stimulant activity, caffeine analogue that has no side effects in the form of palpitations, tremor, hypertension and non-addictive.

On the other hand, the reviews of the mat strongly suggest that the use of the drink at night promotes deeper sleep and quality vacation. This allows you to recommend the mat like insomnia and depression, and in the neuroses. By the way, the presence of dust is an indicator of the quality of mate tea and sprigs give the drink a special piquancy and astringency.

Contrary to popular belief, do not drink tea is in its essence. For the production of yerba mate collected shoots holly and put them in special baskets, which are containers for prolonged drying. During the drying of the raw material was shaken several times, to take the process uniformly, and then carefully milled. Connoisseurs of the mat is considered the best product that is packaged at the place of duty. Also, when you buy should pay attention to the expiration date, as expired mate not usable.

The healing properties of tea mate truly unique. The structure of the mat includes about 200 of the most valuable nutrients, such as vitamins A, C and E, and all B vitamins are contained in a concentration close to the therapeutic. Furthermore vitamins of the mat include elements such as iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, sulfur, and others.

Also proved valuable properties of tea mate to increase blood levels of good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. As a result a balanced composition of the mat reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

There is an assumption, according to which the use of hot mate (though, like any other excessively hot foods) may contribute to the pathology of cancer of the esophagus. Also, some scientists tend to associate threatening statistics on lung cancer and bladder cancer in Uruguay, with the tradition of daily consumption of yerba mate. This comprehensive volume of international studies of this issue have been conducted.

How to brew mate correctly

Brewing mate is, without exaggeration, art. This process requires a sufficient amount of time and does not tolerate vanity. In the South American colonies, the "wrong" was considered an insult to the mat, and the noble houses were holding special servants who know how to brew mate by all the rules. In today's Argentina, regularly held competitions for the preparation of this legendary drink.  How to brew mate correctly

It is believed that the sweet mate destiny of refined urban residents, women and did not know anything about the drink of foreigners; real men prefer strong drink without sugar and honey. According to the reviews of the mat connoisseurs, it is capable of properly brewed even cause fainting. Of great importance for the proper brewing process have both, actually, mate and water with kalabas.

Kalabas originally was a hollowed gourd certain varieties. Today, in every part of the globe you can easily buy wooden, metal and even plastic kalabas. Before the first use of skilled craftsmen carefully kalabas prepared by conventional techniques, as we fall asleep in it quite a bit less than half of the mat to fill the vessel with hot water (not boiling!), Insisting uncovered during the day and then the infusion drain and dry with a soft cloth kalabas .

The powder was prepared poured kalabas mate 2/3 volume, close and shake his hand. As a result, large particles are at the bottom and top of the dust. Kalabas tilted so that the mat poured a sloping wall, and to the free wall of the fish is lowered - a special tube, which previously made from the stems of plants, and today is produced from stainless steel, silver and other metals.

Kalabas returned to an upright position, a finger fish is closed and carefully poured mate water temperature less than 80 about With the level crossing and the fish is brewing. Infused such as about two minutes, and then water is added to fill the entire volume kalabasa.

The same portion of the mat is filled with water several times, until the complete loss of taste, and the fish is not budge and stirred her tea leaves. Experts say a special taste of the drink after the fourth brewing cycle. With regular use of beverage kalabas can not wash, just wipe with a soft cloth after the devastation. If you drink mate from case to case, then washed kalabas stored upside down.