Mead called alcoholic drink made on the basis of honey.  Mead - drink prepared on the basis of honey
 Strength of the beverage can vary widely. So, there is a mead strength of 70 degrees, but a frequent guest on the table becomes a beverage with an alcohol content of 5% vol. The sugar content is often up to 8-10%, but may be a lower value. Recently popular non-alcoholic mead, the taste of which - expressed honey - is no different from the alcohol analog.

The beverage composition must be present honey, moreover, on the basis of prescription mead, among other ingredients may be hops, berries and spices.

The first evidence of the existence of this great product on the territory of our country date back to 7-6. BC. e .. That is why the mead is considered to be the oldest alcoholic beverage Russia. According to the beliefs of the product based on honey - a gift that can be the source of immortality, strength, eloquence and magic abilities.

However, not only the Slavic peoples ate a honey-based drink. It is believed that the Greeks and Finns have also long discovered the recipe for mead.

The oldest method of preparing a beverage involves placing honey in oak barrels, which are then buried in the ground. There's honey naturally wandered over the long term (5 to 20 years). Then, the method has changed somewhat, and began cooking honey, which significantly reduces the time of preparation of the mead. They drank mead only after the big and important event - the birth of a child during a wedding, a funeral.

Method of preparation of an alcoholic beverage serves as a basis for his classification. Mead belongs to one or another form, depending on:

  • Her strength and endurance (young, representation, strong);
  • Whether or not the extra added alcohol;
  • Whether there was added an additional portion of honey. If so, when;
  • Togo, fumed whether honey before fermentation;
  • Togo added any additional ingredients.

Useful properties of mead

Of course, talk about the beneficial properties of mead is possible only in the case where it is known that the beverage made from the original recipe of true masters. The standard of this drink is mead prepared in Suzdal.

Experts believe that the original mead is able to reduce the heat and helps with colds. It strengthens the body and removes the heat. Another useful feature of mead in the fight against colds is its ability to stop the growth of disease-causing organisms.

In ancient times, a drink made from honey is often used as a means of fleeing from a hangover. A nonalcoholic mead recommended during pregnancy, because perfectly it helps to strengthen the body and enhance its defenses.

Application drink in small doses, is an excellent prevention of a number of diseases. For example, in diseases of the cardiovascular sphere is recommended to drink mead and 70 g 30 g of dry red wine before a meal.

Mead combined with peppermint has a soothing effect and helps to improve sleep.

To improve the condition of the body when liver failure can be, diluting 70 g mead 150 g of still mineral water and taking this cocktail while eating.  Mead prepared in Suzdal - the standard of the beverage

Compensate for the lack of vitamins in the body will help the mixture of Cahors wine and mead (50 grams each beverage).

The combination of 100 grams of red wine and mead as much - an effective remedy for intestinal infections and constipation.

Preparation of mead at home

Prepare a drink of honey can be anyone at home, good, mead recipe is no longer a secret.

Method without boiling. For it needed a liter of boiled water, 50 g of honey and the same amount of raisins. Med necessary to completely dissolve in water, adding to the washed raisins, which promotes the growth of bacteria needed for fermentation beverage. The capacity in which the mixture to be loosely covered or saucer lid and leave to infuse for 2 days at room temperature. After the allotted time, drink filtered using cheesecloth, pour into a bottle with a tight-fitting lid, and then place in the future mead cellar or refrigerator for two months, where she would insist. Once the deadline has expired, the drink is ready for use.

A second method involves refluxing the mixture and costly starting materials .  Accordingly, the volume of the finished beverage will also be more .  For this recipe mead need: 19 l of water, 5, 5 kg honey lemon one and 100 g of yeast .  To begin to dissolve into honey-thirds of the volume of water added to the mixture, lemon juice, then bring to a boil and simmer over a low heat for 15 minutes .  It is important to watch out for a drink, stirring constantly, and periodically removing the foam .  After the mixture should be cooled to room temperature, add the remaining water and half the yeast .  Next, pour in the mead sealed container equipped with the vent tube .  The tube should be dipped into the water, add the remaining yeast, insisting for months .  As soon as the drink is ready, it should filter out sediment and pour mead for sealed bottled, where it will infuse for about half a year in a cool place .