Butter mushrooms - Boletus with mucous cap, flat or convex shape. Peel oiler cap come in different colors, easy to remove. The flesh of the fungus has a yellowish tint, which, when cut with a knife can change the color to red or blue.  Butter mushrooms - Boletus

Butter mushrooms grow in coniferous forests. Particularly common among the pines and larches. In nature, there are about 40 species of oil, but in Russia are growing much more. The most widespread in our country are:

  • Luteus ordinary;
  • Luteus grainy;
  • Larch boletus;
  • False boletus.

A characteristic feature of ordinary oils are brown, convex, slimy hat leg cylindrical shape and yellowish pulp. The fungus prefers sandy soil and open sundecks pine forest.

Unlike ordinary oil grainy have a dry, flat hat, large diameter (12 cm). The foot has a classic cylindrical shape, and pulp fungus characteristic pleasant fruity flavor. Mushroom choose the place to the ground, rich in lime.

Cap in larch oil golden brown, and the skin, unlike other species, larch nipple comes off is not easy. Leg oiler has a deep red color, and the flesh when cut with a knife painted in pink color. The fungus is most often found in larch forests.

False butter mushrooms change color on a break and have a red pulp. There are quite rare.

In taste is comparable to boletus mushrooms. At the same time grow in large groups, and can be harvested from May to October.

Cooking oil

Butter mushrooms can be eaten boiled, fried, stewed and pickled. These mushrooms proven themselves as a separate dish, and as a component of and addition to other products.

An important feature of the oil is that before the use of any kind of pre-should be cleaned from the skin and mucosal white film under the cap.

There are some simple guidelines for fast and efficient cleaning of oil. Harvested mushrooms should be put in a sunny place for 30-40 minutes, a little dry and start cleaning. After slime fungus dries out a bit, cleaning procedure will go much faster.

Benefits of oil

Also outstanding taste, butter mushrooms and have medicinal properties. It has long been observed that the oil dishes easier for gout, as well as help relieve headaches.

According to the content of nutrients and trace elements boletus are no different from other edible fungi, second only to the white mushroom. The protein content is 4%, carbohydrate - 1, 5% fat - 1%. Especially a lot of protein in the dried boletus. It is known that the broth from the oil content of protein components in a few times the broth.  Butter mushrooms fried with onions

Calorie-oil depends on the age of the fungus and on its type. Counting calorie food oils and their use should not forget about the preparation process and other calorie ingredients. For example, often forget to take into account the fact of the addition of oil when frying or sugar when pickling.

The net calorie fresh oil fluctuates in the range of 9-19, 2 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Harm oil

Do not forget that the butter mushrooms, like other mushrooms, can be harmful to the human body. Fiber rich chitin lowers digestibility oil, and may also degrade other digestion products. Besides proteins fungi cleaved with great difficulty, which further loads the gastro-intestinal tract.

Luteus belong to the group of fungi capable of fixing a radioactive elements. This should be considered when choosing a site collection, as well as in cooking from the oil. When in doubt Radiation Safety mushrooms should not use them for food.